Part 1 – ‘The Tour du Mont Blanc’: Not The Average Holiday

Reasons to Book:  ‘The Tour du Mont Blanc’ 

The Tour du Mont Blanc famously takes place for hiking and scrambling enthusiasts in the summer months, and it is becoming an increasingly popular personal challenge for those wishing to do something a little different with their vacation time. If a beach holiday just isn’t for you and you’re lusting to simply get away from it all, or if avoiding city life altogether for a few weeks is what appeals most, then know you aren’t alone. Experiencing the serenity and jaw-dropping beauty of the most dramatic scenery of Western Europe, the Tour du Mont Blanc ticks most boxes for those with a curious heart for adventure with a little stamina and basic fitness.

Appealing to experienced walkers of all ages, from hardened hikers around the UK to gap year students and young people wishing to experience three different countries in eleven days, the 165km trek is heralded as one of the most beautiful trails on the globe.

With Geneva airport just a short flight from the UK, the guided or unguided circular tours provided by Salamander Adventures are stringently organised to remove the stress or uncertainty of booking independently, increasing accessibility to all who are curious enough to take the eleven day, 165km trip around the Mont Blanc massif. From the highest, snow-capped mountains, to the greenest of meadows, rich soils and places of historical and architectural importance in the foreground, the sublime scenery is unforgettable.

Easy Travel Group has teamed up with Salamander Adventures to list all the fantastic reasons as to why the Tour du Mont Blanc challenge is the next best thing in adventure-based holidays.

Travel Through Three Countries In Eleven Days

The Tour du Mont Blanc traverses through the rural borders of France, Switzerland and Italy, with trekking parties covering an average of ten miles hiking each day. The entire trip covers a whopping 165km. Each overnight destination has been carefully picked to avoid over saturation of tourists, while enabling the walking party the very best views of the region. The clockwise, circular trail traverses through each ‘col’ (or mountain pass) to experience the most beautiful, quaint and charming villages and communes that welcome hiking-holiday enthusiasts all summer long.

The Tour du Mont Blanc is even more tempting due to its proximity to London. An hour and a half from the UK to Geneva airport means that this incomprehensibly beautiful part of the world is within an hour and a half away. With prices beginning from £999, the incredibly reasonable financial cost for such a personal sense of accomplishment makes this trip – as a personal pilgrimage – essentially priceless.

No Climbing Experience Necessary

Fitness levels need to be realistically average, and those with no experience are advised to take a few weekends away to gain some stamina in famous hiking trails of the UK. Groups have the option to have a fully experienced and qualified guide to provide inside knowledge, and point out historical and geographical points of interest. Instead, parties may choose to follow the famous yellow diamond signs around the trail themselves, aiming to reach a reserved hotel for the night.

The general sense of elitism in the Alps is changing, with trekking and the attractive, off-piste lifestyle becoming more and more popular in the warmer months. Personal safety is also at its highest due to the lack of ground snow and ice.

For those without previous experience, the idea of visiting Western Europe’s highest mountain range could seem daunting and pretty unobtainable.

While the Tour du Mont Blanc trail lies at an average 2000m above sea level, a few steep passages, decent footwear and little stamina and enthusiasm are all the prerequisites required.

For those who wish to get even higher, the summit of Mont Blanc isn’t totally out of reach.  Day seven on the Salamander Adventures’ trail gives trekkers the chance to take a cable car to Pointe Helbronner, a 3642m sister peak of Mont Blanc. This is a new chance to see the bright white, heaven on a grand scale, often providing the snowy icing to this trip of a lifetime.

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