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Every guide and article on our site is written by a genuine travel enthusiast who has been to the location being written about, and has firsthand experience of it.

We provide readers with practical information and advice about destinations which are little-known to most of the public.

The information, advice and suggestions we provide cover regions, countries, cities, and local communities.

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Easy Travel aims to provide readers with quick and free access to information on planning and managing their trips from start to finish.

We offer advice on airports, accommodations (including camping), things to do, cruise ports, beaches, ski resorts, tourist attractions, local activities, food and culture.

Our guides cover detailed information on itinerary, travel kits, and latest listings. We also have valuable information for different modes of transportation including biking, hiking, trekking, rentals and rail transport.

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Easy travel does not promote any destination, business or activity for commercial gain. We review every aspect of our guides from all perspectives, providing our readers with complete, impartial and accurate information.

Our singular goal as travel enthusiasts is to provide travelers with options and suggestions for getting the best out of every trip.

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Our guides, advice and tips are written by different kinds of writers, from backpackers to luxury travelers. We have advice for everyone, whatever the traveling needs and considerations may be.

Our authors are either locals to the destinations they write on, or have been there long and involved enough to talk authoritatively about them. Reading articles on our site therefore gives you an authentic, local feel.

With thorough, continual research, we are not only able to provide accurate information but ensure they are up-to-date as well.

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We have made our travel guides very easily accessible for each traveler’s needs and considerations. Readers can search either by location, facilities, activities, local events or budget.

Every travel guide, advice and suggestion on our site is written with the safety of travelers in mind. We not only ensure that our recommendations are safe, we actively provide safety information particular to each destination.

A Few Valuable Tips

Budget travelers who want to get the best out of a trip will find our guides most valuable. As seasoned, informed travelers, we are able to provide our readers with information on prices, deals, and when to go where.

We also have advice for family trips especially for travelers looking for tips for keeping their kids happy during a holiday without spoiling their own fun.

We also provide phrasebooks for most of the destinations we cover. This will help our readers to easier find their way around in local communities.

Help from Your Fellow Travelers

We publish reviews from other travelers on the destinations we cover and on the guides we provide. These reviews are uncensored, therefore you can get different perspectives on travel tips and destinations before making a journey.

We are confident that you will find something valuable on Easy Travel, whatever your travel preferences, considerations and destination may be.