Part 2 – ‘The Tour du Mont Blanc’: Not The Average Holiday

Reasons To Walk: “The Tour Du Mont Blanc’

With Salamander Adventures offering a fantastic, eleven-day trail around one of the planet’s most accessible and stunning hikes – The Tour du Mont Blanc – Easy Travel Group continues with their second part of their guide to Western Europe’s most accessible trek for hikers.

Together, we have tried to bring you all of the information you need to consider taking the challenge, walking the 165km through France, Switzerland and Italy around one of the world’s most famous, topographical mountain ranges.

For detailed itinerary, help, advice and booking, Salamander Adventures’ Tour of Mont Blanc stunning web presence can be found here for all the best routes on the Tour Du Mont Blanc.


Make New Friends – or Take your Own

Whatever your reasons for taking the trail, remember, you don’t need to persuade anyone but yourself. There are no rules – parties booked to walk together can be up to 14 in number, making the tour du Mont Blanc a social experience, solidifying existing friendships, and making new connection with others for life.  Although there are many who choose to take this tour unguided, the reassurance of a specialised, fully-organised itinerary and personal guide immediately puts to rest any anxiety experienced when attempting to make reservations in auberges, refuges or hotels, which is often very time consuming online.

With many varying standards of accommodation around the trail, the concern or time researching various Trip reviewing guides is taken away by Salamander Adventures – who assure all their parties comfortable and hospitable surroundings, whatever their budget choice. An organised tour through Salamander Adventures simply makes it easy; their itinerary takes care of pit-stops, luggage handling and drop offs, and even daily sustenance, making those with a penchant for getting away from the hum-drum and relentlessness of home for nearly two weeks more than an appealing prospect.

Upon each completed stage, each evening brings its own camaraderie and heartiness, with abundant and country-appropriate cuisine, traditional culture and, of course, locally produced drinks served up as a night-cap. Walkers merely need to concentrate on one thing – the view.

The Personal Challenge!

Taking a holiday that requires a degree of determination and physical exertion becomes more than just a vacation – it becomes a personal challenge that ordinarily, we don’t usual have the chance to do. The fantastic appeal of the Tour du Mont Blanc is that it provides steady, daily challenge that is within reach, experiencing the natural wonders of our Earth at its best, while taking away a very real feeling of gratitude, fortitude and accomplishment.

Although most of us are not mountaineers or climbers, a few weekends hiking and scrambling on home turf can be ample training to embark on an eleven day tour around the Mont Blanc massif. The Tour du Mont Blanc traverses through France, Switzerland and Italy, with trekking teams covering an average of ten miles hiking each day. The entire trip covers a whopping 165km, and each destination has been carefully picked to avoid over saturation of tourists while enabling the walking parties the very best views around the region.

The Views

Reviewers often mention their newfound positivity, tranquility and clarity of headspace, becoming reacquainted with the natural world. Whether it be the vibrant colours of rolling green pastures, crystalline, alpine lakes and stark, powerful, glacier constructs showing the geological depths and power of time – experiencing this pure, clean and dramatically beautiful part of the world seems to deeply affect all who take the tour.

The sheer beauty, unspoiled and protected spots of the Mont Blanc mountain face are unforgettable, with many tour-takers retaining the ‘bug’ for trail-walking for years to come. Any time spent in this snow-peaked heaven on Earth will never be a waste of time. Whether craving a slower pace of life, or gathering stories of travel to tell your loved ones, walking the Tour du Mont Blanc is a profound experience that will remain in one’s mind, forever.

Salamander Adventures provide three levels of unguided and fully guided tours to suit all budgets.


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