4 Beautiful Surf Beaches in the US that will Make Your Holiday a Blast

Surfer on Blue Ocean Wave in the Barrel

Are you a beach wave-rider, always hunting the next fierce white foam to dominate with your surf-board? The United states is rife with many beaches to satisfy your thrill-seeking appetite. Yeah, around the world, places like Australia, Mexico and Italy have great wavy beaches, but guess what? The U.S will give them a run for beach fun anytime.

If you are travelling from any Visa waiver countries, ensure you get your US esta visa form before anything else. It’ll be a shame to be delayed at the airport after all that preparation. Anyways, let’s go:

Blue Hill, Maine

Maine is not only famous for being one of Stephen King’s favourite settings for fictional towns with weird secrets. This lovely artsy beach is a surfer’s delight, and it also has a rich history behind it. The wide crystal blue beach is famous for textiles and home antiques that go back as far as the 18th century.

After surfing, take some time to challenge yourself up the Blue Hill Mountain, which is one of the most stunning hikes in the state. Every summer, the Blue Hill County Fair is held, and people compete in a skillet tossing contest. Most importantly, the blustery beach wind is one of the most soothing ever experienced.


Cannon Beach, Oregon

The beauty of Cannon beach, is its tranquillity. Imagine conquering fierce tides in peace, no distractions- just you and nature. It is also home to the famous Haystack rock. Surf movie buffs will remember this landmark from Point Break, where Patrick Swayze and his surf-bandits marked their territory. Add another experience to your adventure by hiking through Ecola State Park. It is only 9 miles from the coastline stretching from Seaside to Cannon Beach.

Pensacola Beach, Florida

What’s a US beach list without Florida? Pensacola beach is as versatile as they come. With a calm seaside and surf-friendly gulf-front side, this barrier island -which is one of the world’s longest- will give you two seaside experiences wrapped as one. Families will love its relaxed feel, while anglers enjoy the fish-rich shores. It is the perfect example of pristine, snow-white beach.

If you are the type who likes to bask after a particularly exerting surf, you’ll enjoy Pensacola’s accommodating coastlines. It is also ideal for snorkelling, watching sunsets, and soaring sea-gulls as the dip into the water to nip at the fish below.


North Shore Oahu, Honolulu, Hawaii

Okay, some people may argue that this isn’t typically “American” shore, but you need a US visa to come here, so it counts. The Oahu North Shore waves have an elegant curl about them and will give even the most skilled surfer a run for their expertise.

A surfer’s paradise, this beach is complete with rolling tubes and little puka shells that speckle the shoreline. It stretches wide across all directions, so it’s easy to find secluded areas in case to get tired of surfing and want to spend time with your companion.

Polish your surf-boards and come over. The great white horses are waiting!

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