House Hunting in Rome and A Slice of the Finest Dessert Cafes

Looking for a new home in Rome? While the thought of house hunting feels like fun in the beginning, the actual process can take a lot from you. It’s hard to make a final decision, especially when each of the last ten properties you viewed is beautiful and unique in its right.

Some delicious desserts will help calm your nerves; always eat ice cream when in doubt. And Rome is a haven for mouth-watering, sweet tasting gelato. If you are currently at a crossroads about which house to pick, you may want to stop at one of the following dessert cafes, and muse your options over a plate of chocolate Torta Caprese.

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Palazzo del Freddo di Giovanni Fassi

This beautiful sweet shop touts itself as the oldest gelateria in Rome. Founded in the Eternal City in 1880, the Palazzo del Freddo di Giovanni began as a little ice and beer point at the time. Ever since the business and its delicious ice cream recipes have been passed from generation to generation of Fassis.

Enjoy varieties of amazing cream cones. The lemon sorbet is a favourite among locals, but you’ll equally love the vanilla flavour. Each ice cream comes with the option of whipped cream, but to enjoy the real flavour, try it without the cream first. They have pistachio and mango gelato too. Surely, these should make your house selection easier?

Homemade blueberry ice cream on vintage light blue wooden background

Il Gelato di San Crispino

If you ever want to taste a banana ice cream like no other, try out this dessert hotspot. It’s not uncommon to see a few customers smacking their lips at its tasty treats. The charming corner store with a cobblestone entrance welcomes connoisseurs and ice cream lovers alike. Founded by the trio of Pascale, Giuseppe Alongi and Paola Nesci in the 90s, the café has been sustaining its reputation through the years.

The Gelato di San Crispino changes its flavour offering according to the fresh fruit in season. So if it’s a strawberry month, you can expect a creamy sour sorbet at your plate. What’s more, it has a fantastic menu for the lactose intolerant.

Cristalli di Zucchero

Arguably believed to be the best pastry cafe in Rome (what gelato shop isn’t?), the Cristalli di Zucchero which literally translates to sugar crystals, specialises in small sized pies and cute cakes. The main location in Monteverde has a sheltered piazza where you can sit and enjoy some coffee and cake. Many a house hunters have made their final decision on this sheltered spot.

In the early apertivo hour, delicious sandwiches and other tasty snacks dominate the menu. In its other location at Circus Maximus, customers are treated to the same sweet delights, but without the seating option. This doesn’t take away its quaint charm, but instead makes for a lovely meeting spot.

Regoli Paticceria

This pastry shop was founded in 1916 and is situated in the Esquilino district, not very far from Piazza Vittorio. The place also has its fair share of gourmet food stores. Regoli has lasted throughout the years, along with a few other shops in central Rome. It’s specialty, the maritozzi (delicious buns filled with cream), is a big favourite among many locals and tourists.

Other treats include bavaresi, crostata (jam tarts) and torte di fragoline- a creamy delight of cakes stuffed with wild strawberries. The Regoli’s recipes are as old as the store’s interior design itself. If you are fortunate to acquire a home in the Esquilino neighbourhood, you can be assured of a regular supply of maritozzis.


If you are searching for homes in the Villa Ada and Vila Salaria, be sure to check out this homely gelateria. The Fatamorgana offers edible works of art created by Maria Spagnuolo herself. With foods made from natural ingredients, the ice cream shop prides itself in its non-additive, non-artificial flavour policy. Many of its delicious ice creams are lactose-free.

Maria Spagnuolo draws inspiration for her ice creams from the seasonal produce of herbs and spices. If you are in Rome during summer, the panacea (a blend of ginseng, almond cream, and mint) with ananas e zenzero (pineapple and ginger) make for a soothing dessert. And for winter, chocolate options such as Kentucky (dark chocolate and tobacco) will keep you feeling warm inside.

Broken chocolate bar and spices on wooden table. Selective focus


Are you a chocoholic? Look no further than Said. This chocolate bar is located in Rome’s San Lorenzo district and has been renowned for sumptuous delights through the years. Its humble beginnings grew from a chocolate factory dating as far back as the 1920s. Said hasn’t relented on the sweet chocolate desserts that made it popular.

Whether you are house hunting or simply sight-seeing in San Lorenzo, stop over at Said and try the Torta Caprese; a spongy chocolate cake stuffed with sweet almonds. And if you have a large appetite, there are a wide variety of truffles and torrones to enjoy at the store.

I Dolci di Nonna Vincenza

This shop is nestled in the corner of the road, in main-street Rome. The I Dolci di Nonna Vincenza boasts of several bite-sized desserts (for those watching their weight), and its specialty is the Ricotta Cannoli. Having its origins in Sicily, the cannoli are tube-shaped shells made from fried pastry dough and filled with sweet ricotta cream.

Many travellers and locals have fallen in love with the Ricotta Cannoli, so it’s not surprising to find the store filled on many occasions. The pastry is not too sweet, and the crisps add to the dessert perfectly. You can hardly eat one without wanting more. Make sure you stop over and give it a try.

One of the interesting things about traveling is the opportunity to try out the local delicacies, and in Rome, you will find the ice cream a big hit. Hopefully, you’ll make a decision on that property sooner than you think.

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