The Borgo Egnazia Resort

The Borgo Egnazia Resort is a lush set of new luxury hotels, located in the scenic virgin region of Puglia, Southern Italy. Developed in the same style of a traditional Apulian village, the Borgo Egnazia resort was built using traditional craftsmanship combined excellently with the local architecture and history. Its architectural style epitomises this unexplored region of Italy.

The resort boasts of a brilliant luxury collection of villas, townhouses, hotel rooms and suites. But that’s not all, vacationers get to enjoy superb resort facilities such as: Kids Club, Golf courses, Tennis, Spa, Restaurants & Bar. In fact, the Egnazia is the ideal location for a luxury family holiday overseas.

Rooms & Villas

In the heart of the dreamy city, the Egnazia offers a plush range of hotel rooms and villas. Each accommodation offers the experience of a five-star hotel against the backdrop of a traditional Italian village. The feeling conveys an Arabian Night-esque aura; a welcome attraction from the bustling melee back at home.

The villa comprises of 3 story townhouses, each with tastefully furnished bedrooms, spacious kitchens, picturesque terraces, gazebos and massive crystal blue pools. From your hotel room, a clear view of the Mediterranean Sea is visible.

Every year, vacationers make their way to the Egnazia; it promises a memorable holiday experience for the whole family.


Italy has always been touted globally as the home of mouth-watering delicacies. The Borgo Egnazia believes it houses the best chefs in Italy and its busy restaurants are proof of that claim.

The Egnazia restaurants offer a diverse menu of delicious foods from wholesome meals fresh from the farm to sea-foods obtained from the Adriatic Sea. There is something for everyone.

  • At the Du Camini, known for its exquisite Apulian cuisine, couples can enjoy a romantic dinner in the evenings.
  • La Frasca is not just any restaurant, it is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. Its Mediterranean cuisine is a favourite amongst vacationers.
  • Da Pucetta prepares special delicacies for the children, ideal for a family outing.

Exclusive Offers

Besides the comfort of its luxury villas and attraction of the restaurants, the Egnazia provides recreational activities to make your vacation more delightful. There are golf courses, tennis courts and swimming pools to satisfy your athletic interests. Also at the resort, are themed Spas which present an opportunity to unwind after a long day. The Egnazia night clubs and bars are rife with entertainment from parts of Southern Italy and Mediterranean culture.

Children are not left out either, as there is a Kiddies Club with plenty of fun activities such as water-sports, tennis and game-houses to keep them occupied. Most of these offers are available with a discount on early booking.

How to Get to The Egnazia

The Eganzia is about an hour away from three major Pulian cities: Taranto, Bari and Brindisi. The last two towns receive regular connecting flights from the London airport.

Brindisi is the nearest airport from Stansted, London. It is a 3-hour flight and is available five times per week. Bari also receives regular flights from London.

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