4 Tips for a More Convenient Family Travel

You may be an accomplished traveller, but no matter how experienced you are, traveling with young children is nothing like solo backpacking or couple trips.

Many first time family travellers are often confused about what to do or where to start. Questions such as what you need to pack, or whether it is convenient to share a room with the kids, come up.

Most times, the default is to begin as you normally would if you were on a solo trip. You could save yourself the hassles and use these tips for a better family travel experience.

Note: These tips are ideal for a family of 4 or 5 with children under ten years old.

Book accommodations with separate sleeping areas

Instead of the usual hotel room with two beds, opt for an accommodation offering one or two bedroom suites. You will pay a little extra for this convenience but having a comfortable night’s sleep is necessary for a successful family trip.

Think about it, if you were all crammed into a room, you are likely to sleep after the children have. And you need adequate sleep, especially if your day was a long one. Sometimes, you might want to watch a movie, read a book or have a conversation with your partner, separate accommodations make this convenient.

Play safe, make your reservations in advance

It is common for many single travellers to book an accommodation the same day they arrive. After all, many adventurous people relish the thought of allowing the moment to guide them. Unfortunately, when you are traveling with kids, you have to be cautious because their tolerance for discomfort is low.

Do your family a favour and make hotel reservations well ahead of your trip. It’s no fun wandering the streets of a new city searching for available hotel rooms or waiting extra hours at the train station. More so, it becomes worse when you have a cranky child on your hands. Make time to do proper research and plan your journey.

Travel lighter, rent equipment

Did you know most popular travel destinations offer services for families to rent?

Items such as buggies, cribs, car seats, high chairs and bikes can be rented at your destination where available. They not only offer convenience of light travel but are affordable too. You should note however, availability will depend on location, season, and length of use. Hence, it is important to do your homework and use a local business with good reviews.

Protect yourself- get a good travel insurance

This advice is self-explanatory. Travel insurance may seem like a needless expense, but where young children are concerned, it is always good to play safe. Consider allergies and diet preferences, you never know when you may need to visit the hospital.

Your child’s health is not worth trying to cut corners just to save some money, so identify a suitable coverage plan for the whole family. If you are unsure about the details, talk to an expert.

The key message here is adequate preparation. Ensure you don’t leave the house without a well thought-out travel plan.

Good luck on your travels!

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