Where Are The Best Last Minute Summer Holidays?

It’s summer and the universal time to take a much deserved holiday, catch some rays and just have fun. If you haven’t booked any summer holidays just yet there is no need to worry, there is still plenty of time to book some last minute sun! If you are travelling in Europe you may need to get yourself an EHIC, this stands for European Health Insurance Card. You’ll need this as it provides you with cost coverage if you were to fall ill while you are travelling. Click here to view more.

Below are a few last minute destinations, which would be perfect for your best summer holiday ever!


If you’re looking for the perfect last minute holiday, then look no further than Croatia. This country is your perfect family beach get away with a city like vibe. In Croatia, accommodation does not have to break the bank making it completely ideal for a last minute deals; you can find lots of exclusive boutique hotels along its coast as well as lots of beautiful hotels which are located on Croatia’s various tiny islands. Croatia can also boast of having impressive mountains where you can also find some beautiful villas readily available.


A holiday to Kavos doesn’t have to be as bad as you’re thinking. Kavos compared to other Greek islands has so much more choice in terms of bars, restaurants and clubs. This makes Kavos ideal for those seeking something new and exciting. Kavos is the place to go. With an extensive choice of various water sports for you to engage in, the adventurous will love this destination. With a great selection of cheap accommodation, Kavos has hotels in most peoples price range and they come in a variety of stars so those looking for a luxury hotel don’t have to worry. Kavos has something for you.


Austria does more than just good strudel. Austria is one of the world’s most affluent countries; this country offers more than just beautiful scenery. Austria is charming and home to host of bustling cosmopolitan city. Austria is also great for some last minute skiing holidays if that’s your style. Austria is home to many great artists and some of the greatest neurologists such a Sigmund Freud. This culturally rich country will keep you excited and constantly discovering new interesting sights. Accommodation is readily available in a variety of different prices meaning that whatever you budget Austria is a great last minute holiday destination.


Valencia is, in fact, one of the most visited cities in Spain. Valencia is commonly referred to as the ‘bright city’ due to the incredibly high annual sunshine hours the city gets per year. This city is a perfect break for all you sun worshippers. Valencia is also home to the national dish of Spain, Paella! So it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll be indulging in some delicious Spanish cuisine.  Finding accommodation in this city is easy and they come readily available in all price ranges


Portugal is one of the most popular destinations in the whole of Europe. The reason being it is a great choice any time of the year as the weather is normally pretty good 365 days a year, perfect for all you sun worshippers out there. It has a trove of beautiful beaches and cities which offers a perfect mix for all types of holidays, whether it is kicking back on the beach or exploring those Portuguese cities. Portugal is a great all rounder when it comes to holiday destinations. Going to Portugal doesn’t have to be an expensive holiday and can, in fact, be a great value for money holiday!

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