The 5 Best Educational Trips Around The World

Whether discovering the future or reliving the past, you can’t deny that true learning is most effective when you are getting your hands dirty and experiencing things with your own eyes. Learning moments are brought to life in a way which really is not possible from staring at a slideshow in a classroom. If you are passionate about travel and education, why not consider heading off on an educational trip to learn more about culture and the world we live in? WorldStrides educate students through unique travel, customising your specific requirements to ensure learning objectives are met. If you are looking for a trustworthy company that’ll go above and beyond to ensure that you have the best experience of your life, we couldn’t recommend WorldStrides enough!

So, where can you venture to and still be able to class it as ‘educational trip’? You’ll be surprised with the variety of options available. If you plan on going somewhere in Europe, options include:

Disneyland Paris

Yes, that’s right. Explore Disneyland Paris with your classmates and enjoy a day of fun attractions and unforgettable memories. Within this 3-day trip, you will also get to experience a short tour of Paris with an optional river cruise.

Tour Du Mont Blanc, France

Treat yourself on a world class walking holiday to the French Alps. Take in the breath taking vistas of the mountains whilst participating in the wonders of the world’s most famous walking holiday, the Tour Du Mont Blanc. The tour is best done with a guide, although non-guided and budget tours are also available from tour operators such as Salamander Adventures. Check what equipment the tour du mont blanc requires on their website. Contact them for further information.


Explore the land of fire and ice and head off on a geographical adventure to Iceland. This 4-day trip is spent exploring the most exquisite and popular destinations, experiencing a variety of museums, breath-taking sights, waterfalls and the blue lagoon. From giant volcanoes to magnificent waterfalls, this trip to Iceland will be sure to stay in the memory bank for life.

If you are willing to stretch the boat out, why not consider taking your curiosity to new extremes and travel outside of Europe. Inspire and engage yourself (or your students) with an overseas trip!


Head to Peru for a trip dedicated to drama, art and literature. This 9-day trip will enrich your knowledge regarding the ‘City of Kings’. On your stay you will be sure to learn about Incan religious beliefs through meeting and getting to know local students. There will never be a dull moment on your trip to Peru, the jungle walks and one of a kind scenes will have you in absolute awe.


Spend 10-days in the ‘Land Down Under’, exploring the natural and man-made wonders of Australia. This trip will begin in Cairns, allowing you to explore rainforests, mountains and many other beautiful natural wonders. Snorkel they day away in the Great Barrier Reef and then carry your trip on in Sydney to see it’s iconic sights.

With just a few of the amazing places available for educational travel mentioned above, it is near impossible to not want to jet off. If you are lucky enough to teach students or are a student yourself, stretch your knowledge and take a once in a lifetime trip abroad!

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