Teen Patti, Toguz Korgol, and Irensei – Cultural Games around the World

Can’t afford Monopoly? Feel like poker’s just not on the cards? Is Snakes & Ladders dragging you down?

Why not try a game from the other side of the world? In the new infographic from Pokies, you can find games from across the globe, like Toguz Korgol, the 2-player Central Asian game that uses careful strategy to turn a game-board of pits and beads into a challenge as complex as chess.

Or if you have a few more players, maybe you’d prefer to try Canadian Drapeau – a field sport similar to ‘capture the flag’, with defenders trying to prevent attackers from stealing the ‘drapeau’.

And maybe give Go a go – the ancient Chinese game still played today, and the inspiration for many other modern games around the world, from chess to the Japanese game Irensei.

So whether you see yourself as Bond at the cards table or are more of a professional Tiddlywinks player, make sure to check out the rest of the games from around the world below:


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