Enjoying a Top Animal Themed Holiday in Belgravia: Top Tips

Belgravia is one of the most exclusive postcodes in the UK.  As one of the wealthiest districts in the world with all the high class residences and famous occupants, it is easy to see why animal lovers would ordinarily not have Belgravia as one of the locations for an animal themed holiday.

The reality, however, is that you can enjoy time out in Belgravia with all kinds of fauna nearby.  You can find magnificent boutique hotel in Belgravia to ensure value for money in terms of accommodation in this pricey region.  When you have settled in, it is time to grab your camera and head out to the following destinations:

Visit the ZSL London Zoo

The ZSL London Zoo is the world’s oldest scientific zoo and has been in existence since 1828. Here, you will find 712 species and 18,430 animals; firmly one of the largest collections in the UK. All animal enthusiasts will love the new experience offered by the Land of the Lions in the zoo. The facility holds a group of the endangered Asiatic lions. Only 400 of them remain in the wild.

Are you up for some time with creepy crawly cuties? The BUGS exhibit offers you a shot at experiencing the only walk-through spider enclosure in Europe. After the experience, calm your nerves by visiting the Penguin Beach. It is largest penguin pool in England. Here you can enjoy the sights and sounds as Humbolt penguins frolic and feed, dive and swim. The giraffe platform is another specialty you mustn’t miss. The thrill when they come up close is better experienced than imagined.


Battersea Park Children’s Zoo

Even if you don’t have the little ones with you, this zoo still holds some delights. Here, you will find chipmunks, lemurs, rabbits, donkeys, monkeys, otters, snakes, turtles, giant snails, lovebirds, emus and parrots.

If you have the little ones with you, however, they can enjoy the feeding sessions and talks with some of the smaller herbivores like rabbits and guinea pigs. It is a perfect opportunity for them to get up close to these furry darlings. The zoo also features a sand pit where the children can enjoy some adventure, digging their pits, building sandcastles or just having fun climbing, sliding and jumping on trampolines. It is a complete experience for them.

Sea Life London Aquarium

This aquarium will bring you face to face with more than 10,000 sea creatures.   The eerie Shark Walk that welcomes you to the aquarium is an intriguing experience with the magnificent creatures just below your feet. Once deeper, you will find other interesting creatures like the octopus and eel. There are hundreds of fish species scattered all around the aquarium making for a colourful mishmash of nature.

The tunnel is where you can enjoy the experience of giant green sea turtles swimming right above you.  Watch out for small hammerhead sharks as well. When you step out of the Aquarium, you can find Gentoo penguins and enjoy the sights of the Frozen Planet. There, you can find a polar bear. It’s augmented reality but it is still a pleasurable experience.


These places are certain to leave you deeply satisfied with your animal themed stay in Belgravia.  They are firmly among the best tourist attractions in the UK in general and it is easy to see why with your first visit. Regardless of where you are staying in Belgravia, they’ll be just a few minutes away.

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