February 24, 2024

The Indian World of Interior Design

India is a fascinating land of diverse culture and heritage. When you step into an Indian home, you will be immediately dazzled by warm colours of exotic tapestry and their intricate designs. The combination of colours on silk patchwork found in many Indian homes are inviting, creating a cosy ambience and they are relaxing and inviting too.

Like with many interior décor concepts, Indian home décor is centred around the display of a harmonious combination of colours, texture and light influenced by the various cultures, mythology and history existing in India.

How to arrange Indian Furniture in the Living Room

Solid wood furniture is an essential segment in many Indian Homes.  The key to picking pieces to achieving a truly Indian Style is to opt for furniture with curved armrests, legs, and carvings carved from exotic wood like teak, ebony and rosewood.  An Important piece of furniture is bright cabinets with detailing made from a variety of materials such as stones, metal and ivory or simply by adding mirrors to them to achieve a visually pleasing effect.

Also add in pieces that are distinctively Indian like the Jhoolas or Indian swings, wooden chests, bird cages among others. You can use masks, clay pottery, brass lamps and pots to decorate your living rooms. Throw pillows and rugs in beautiful colours will add elegance to the room.

Indian households are usually made up of several generations so it is important for the living room to have ample and different types of sitting items like sofas, high chairs and footstools.

Indian homes are incomplete without having statues and idols originating from the different religions, the Buddha statue is a common choice and is familiar to non-Indians as well.

What Indian Furniture do I need for a Bedroom?

A common piece in an Indian bedroom is a hand carved wooden screen that can double as a headboard to a bed. It is also possible to paint bold patterns of flowers and hearts on the walls for the artistic Indian look.

Silk Beddings with intricate designs in rich colours is a key element of Indian design. You can also show case some of the gorgeous made in India Fabrics by using flowing drapes for windows or to make a canopy over a bed.

How Indian furniture affects mood

A major facet of Indian design is the infusion of warm colours into all every room creating an inviting and relaxing ambience. Earthy tones such as dull yellow, different shades of brown and burnt oranges, teal or a combination of these colours are mild yet beautiful colours appealing to the eyes and creating a good mood. They can be used for the walls and floors.

Bolder primary colours like blue, green, pink and yellow will work well on smaller pieces like throw pillows, floor cushions. Imagine the aesthetics achieved by a teal throw pillow with touches of pink and gold thread used for hand stitched beading.

Incorporating spiritual pieces from among the statutes of gods the Indians believe in can also help to create a mood of wellbeing.

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