10 Amazing Canadian Road Trips to Take This Summer

Just a few things in life are more liberating than a road trip in the summer season. Whether you’re racing the ocean breeze along a coast, following the appealing aroma of barbecue, or delighting in the beauty of verdant landscapes, striking the open roadway is among summertime’s biggest pleasures. So buckle up, roll down the windows, and hit the gas—Canada awaits. From Ontario to the Maritimes, these breathtaking locations are best explored by car. Winding roadways, pristine nature, thriving cities, and a lot of towns and rural spaces between, all require a week or two’s attention with a slow cruise through the finest sites in the region.

The most largely inhabited city in Canada is Toronto, which corresponds to over eight million locals and immigrants, almost 25{032b6a7a020d19952ed8064fd0f08b3897ed8b87cecd4d0f46a78a44654cafa4} of Canada’s total population. You may question why lots of people settle here—it’s because Toronto is Canada’s prominent capital in terms of economy and it holds lots of tourist spots well-known to the whole world. If you wish to visit this city but also want to explore the great outdoors, ask about car rentals in Toronto. That way you can visit some or all of these locations by car and that way you can enjoy both urban adventures and breathtaking rural landscapes—all in one Canadian Journey! To catch exactly where the best places to visit are, check out our list of amazing Canadian cities and area below.


Toronto is the greatest city in Canada, and (arguably) its business, culture, and commercialism centre. Toronto has plenty of historical sights, cultural happenings, and truly excellent dining, shopping, and nightlife.


Montreal is extensively considered among the most fun cities in Canada. This city has an Old Town that will interest history and architecture enthusiasts, arboretums enjoyed by nature fans, and a fantastic pub and club scene for night owls.

Quebec City

Take the North Coast path going through picturesque towns and village to Quebec City, a historical city definitely worth a night or two. This is the finest place to take in genuine French-Canadian culture.


Deschambault is a 19th century town just west of Quebec, with a pretty setting on the St Lawrence river.


Trois-Rivières is the second-oldest French city in the province including a lot of great architecture. You can also take a short drive to the community of Cap-de-la-Madeleine and Our Woman of the Cape, Canada’s nationwide shrine to the Virgin Mary. The stone chapel shrine was integrated in 1714 and has been considered ‘incredible’ because 1888.


The drive to and from Fredericton is particularly lovely with interesting fishing towns, a craggy coastline, and the big tides of the Bay of Fundy.

Port Perry

Port Perry is a known tourist location due to the fact that of its beautiful, Victorian-era downtown, with many dining establishments, cafés, book shops, galleries, antique shops and other retail outlets. Lake Scugog located in Port Perry is likewise a fantastic and popular location for ice fishing and snowmobiling.


Moncton is a convenient stop, and households take pleasure in the geographic marvel/tourist trap of Magnetic Hill, where vehicles mysteriously seem to roll uphill.


Halifax provides a more laid-back type of culture, but the friendliness of its residents and the prettiness of its picturesque streets are famous.


There are lots of speciality shops in Niagara-on-the-lake. You can even take a romantic horse and carriage ride. Perhaps the most popular thing to do though, is check out an Ontario Winery and take in some wine-tasting. There are lots of fun winter wine events in Niagara like the Stocking Days of Christmas. Make certain if you plan on getting your wine-on to designate a sober drive to take you house or stay over at one of Niagara’s dreamy bed & breakfasts, inns or med-spa resorts.

There are definitely some interesting discoveries to be made when driving around Canada. To enjoy the best of Canada’s cities and landscapes, consider renting a car. With such a diverse variety of states accommodating almost anything from a few of the world’s most terrific theme parks, national parks, rainforest locations to desert and snow, you will not be dissatisfied.

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