Ideas For Camping In The UK This Half Term

The UK offers some of the best camping opportunities. With its varied terrain and abundant natural sites, there’s something for every camper. Whether it’s pitching a tent in a remote glade or pitching your car in a busy city park, there are so many ways to enjoy camping in the UK. 

The first half of the school half term is a great time to get out and enjoy camping, From coastal camping to remote moorland camping, and from caravans to yurts. 

Camping in the UK doesn’t have to be limited to holiday weekends. Many of the country’s public camping grounds are open year-round, and many towns and cities have free campsites. There are also small-scale privately run campsites. The possibilities are endless! 

Here are a few ideas for camping in the UK this half term:


Go for a hike in the British countryside

Hiking is a great way to get active and meet other people outdoors. You can hike on your own, with a hiking club, or with a child-friendly dog. You can also choose shorter walks, bike rides, and hikes with a view.

The British countryside is gorgeous in the summer. With National Trust properties and parks featuring everything from valley forests to high moors, there’s a great hiking opportunity available no matter where you are.

Pitch your tent in a public forest or park

The best camping sites are the ones that you don’t have to go looking for. As well as beautiful beaches and forests, the UK also has plenty of public parks where you can pitch a tent.

What makes parks so great for camping? They’re already set up with toilets, showers, and other infrastructure like electricity. You can also pitch a tent in a national park without a permit.

Look online to find out if any parks or forests in your area are suitable for camping. Many parks will also have their own guidelines for camping.

Visit a castle or ruin

Castles and ruins are a British favourite for many reasons. In addition to the historical significance, many of these sites are also perfect for camping in the UK. Many sites are open to the public, and you can also camp nearby.

You can also get a special National Trust camping pass that gives you access to a number of properties that are usually private. You can also make a day trip to a favourite ruin or attraction and camp nearby.

National Park

National parks are one of the UK’s best camping experiences. These wild spaces protect the natural beauty of the country and allow visitors to enjoy the outdoors in an informal way. Camp sites are often free and quiet, and there’s a sense of remoteness that comes with being in the middle of nowhere. 

Visit a national park during the summer season to get the best experience. This is when the park is at its most popular with visitors, and you’ll have the place to yourself. Summer is also the perfect time to enjoy the UK’s beautiful weather.

Most National Parks offer free camping, but you need to obtain a permit first. As well as camping, many Parks allow you to engage in activities such as hiking, horse riding, and climbing.

You can find out more about the rules and regulations for camping in a National Park by contacting the Park’s information centre.

Stay in a camper van

Camping in a camper van provides a completely different challenge to camping in a tent. It’s a long-term commitment to the outdoors. You’ll need to be prepared to live out of the van for some time. 

When you stay in a camper van, you’ll have all the creature comforts of home. You’ll be able to cook meals in the kitchen. You’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep in a comfortable bed. You’ll be able to keep your essentials organized in the kitchen and keep your camping gear organized in the van. 

You’ll also be able to take advantage of the UK’s diverse countryside. There are hundreds of parks and quiet roads where you can explore your surroundings. When you stay in a camper van, you’ll be able to get a real sense of what makes a place special.

Go cave camping

Cave camping is an experience that takes place deep in the cave system. Do you like the idea of pitching a tent in a cave? You’re in luck: there’s no shortage of caves to choose from in the UK. 

The beauty of cave camping is that you don’t have to choose between nature and the creature comforts of a tent. Many cave systems are completely secluded and have no other campers in sight. You’ll have the entire cave to yourself, and you can pitch your tent just outside the entrance of the cave to enjoy nature’s sounds.

Go off-grid

Would you like to go off-grid for a camping trip? The UK has plenty of areas where it’s possible to go off-grid. 

Off-grid camping is a unique way to experience camping in the UK. You’re self-sufficient and capable of providing your own food and water. You don’t have to worry about pitching a tent in a dry area or keeping your camper van dry in the rain.

Find an escape from the city

Campsites are often the best place to get away from the city. So many offer wildlife watching, hiking trails, or some other absorbing activity. If there’s a specific site you’re drawn to, take a look at the site’s amenities and ask what offerings they have that relate to your interests.

Check out your local city parks, where you may find plenty of secluded spots for a camp-out. You can also check to see if any local cities or towns host open-air events, like music festivals or farmers’ markets, which are perfect for a temporary camping experience.

Kayak or canoe on a river

River kayaking and canoeing are excellent ways to explore some of the country’s most beautiful areas. Whether you’re paddling through a charming town or through the grandeur of a National Park, you’ll be able to appreciate the area much more.

Try to pick a route that affords you a lot of time to appreciate the scenery as you’re traveling. Choose a route that won’t require you to paddle quickly along the river to catch current, since you’ll want to take in the scenery as much as possible.

If you’re interested in kayaking or canoeing on a river, you’ll want to choose a route during spring, summer, or fall. During these seasons, the rivers are at their most scenic. In the winter, rivers often freeze over, making them inaccessible.

Plan a small-scale escape

A vacation in the UK can be a refreshing break from the daily grind. Many of the country’s most popular travel destinations are amazingly beautiful, making them perfect for a mini-escape. If you’re interested in visiting some of the more remote areas of the UK, this is a great opportunity to do so as a group.

When you go on a mini-escape, make sure you pick a route that affords you a lot of time to appreciate the scenery. Try to pick a route that won’t require you to travel quickly along the road to catch a passing current, since you’ll want to take in the scenery as much as possible.


Wrap Up!

With its abundant wildlife, varied landscape, and year-round outdoor activities, the UK is an ideal place to camp. The country offers a wide variety of public and private camping spots, as well as urban parks with free camping areas. To enjoy the best camping opportunities in the UK, you’ll want to be prepared for rain showers, wind, and possibly even chilly temperatures. Pack a comfortable sleeping bag, a tent, and a few other camping essentials to enjoy your next camping trip.

Camping in the UK can be as simple or as complex as you make it. There are incredible opportunities for wild camping and camping on public land, as well as staying in beautiful campsites that are open year-round. With so many options, you’re sure to find an adventure that’s just right for you.


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