Holiday Photography Tips: 15 Must-Dos For Good Memories

These days, everyone is on a digital photography bandwagon. From smartphones to DSLRs, everyone is embracing digital photography. It’s also an accessible form of photography, which makes it even better! 

There’s no need to lug around a heavy camera anymore, you can snap photos with just your phone. It’s great because you can take pictures wherever and whenever you want. Digital photography allows you to focus on capturing great photos during holiday time. There’s nothing more amazing than photographing your family, friends, and pets during the holidays. 

If you want to get the best holiday memories from your trips, you’ll need to do research. You need to know how to photograph and what to do to get the best shots. Keep reading for our list of the best tips for capturing good holiday memories.


Plan ahead

One of the best ways to get good holiday photos is by planning. You’ll need to be creative at this, but you can take your photos to the next level by planning. If you can’t easily get to your destination with your family or friends, plan. Try to get photos while they’re wearing costumes, or with decorations in the background. Try to get photos in different locations, like near the beach, or in a park. You can even try to get photos while your friends or family members are doing something unique, like playing Santa Claus. The more creative you get, the better your holiday photos will be.

Make your shots count

A great tip for good holiday photographs is to make sure your photos count. When on vacation, you’re likely going to be taking a lot of pictures. It’s easy to just snap pictures of the scenery or your family, but you should also be taking pictures of the activities you’re doing. Holiday photos aren’t just about photos of family, they’re also about capturing photos of your vacation. If you don’t have a specific plan for how you want to photograph your trip, you’re likely not going to get good holiday photos from it. One great way to make sure your holiday photos count is by using a theme for your shoot. You can do a winter theme for photos of the holidays or you can do a summer theme for photos of the beach.

Use a wide-angle lens

One last tip for great holiday photos is to use a wide-angle lens. This is something that you’ll probably need to buy, but it’s worth it! A wide-angle lens is a special lens that takes in more of the environment in the photo, rather than the people. This will help to improve your photos by making them look more authentic, rather than just looking like you were standing in one spot and taking a photo.

Experiment with your settings

You might have heard that you should experiment with your settings when taking photos during the holidays. This is especially true when it comes to using a flash. You should experiment with the flash on your camera, and see what settings make it look the best. You might want to try using the macro mode, or the night mode. Try different settings until you find what you like best. This will help to improve your photos by making them look more authentic, rather than just looking like you were standing in one spot and taking a photo.

Don’t be afraid to be artsy

You should be afraid to be artsy with your holiday photos. This is something that a lot of people overlook. In the past, people were afraid to be artsy when capturing their holiday photos, because it wasn’t “in” to do so. However, now it’s so important to be authentic when capturing your photos. So what does authentic even mean? Being authentic is about being yourself and being creative. You can be creative without being artsy, but you can’t be authentic without being creative.

Bring a tripod

If you want to take your holiday photos to the next level, bring a tripod with you. There’s nothing worse than having a great photo of your family members, but because it’s handheld, it’s blurry. A tripod lets your camera focus on one thing and lets you take sharp, clear photos. Tripods aren’t expensive and they’re a simple item to bring on your next trip. 

Bring a sturdy tripod, you’ll be happy you brought it with you. When using a tripod, you must use a remote timer. This way you can take photos without disturbing your family or pets and get the photos you want without disturbing everyone else. You’ll want to use a remote timer for your holiday photographs because a tripod is used for taking photos at a certain time.

Don’t let the weather deter you

It’s easy to let the weather stop you from taking photos, but it’s not the end of the world. The worst thing you can do is get scared away from taking photos because of the weather. Weather is going to be a factor during your trip and if you let it stop you from taking photos, you’ll miss out on some great shots. The best thing to do is think of it as an added challenge to overcome. While you can’t control the weather, you can control how you act during it. If it’s raining outside, don’t let it stop you from taking photos, just look for a nearby puddle or a bush to get your photos from.

Bring a wide zoom

Tripods aren’t the only thing you need for great holiday photographs. You’ll also want to bring a wide zoom lens. Most tripods only let you zoom in on a certain distance, which is not great for capturing things from far away. A wide zoom lens will let you zoom in and let you snap photos from a distance, but it will also be great for capturing photos of your family members and pets at a distance. It’s a great, all-in-one lens and will make your holiday photographs better than they were before you brought them.

Don’t be afraid to use a filter

During your trip, you may be standing in front of a beautiful cliff or a water tower that you want to photograph. Instead of posing in front of it, use a filter and make it look like the water tower is spraying water into the sky. This is another reason you’ll want to bring a zoom lens with you on your trip. You can use a filter and make your photos look more interesting. There’s nothing wrong with using a filter, it doesn’t take away from the photo at all.

Don’t forget to smile!

A photo of a frowning family member is indeed going to be a lot more memorable than one of a smiling and happy family member, but the holidays are the perfect time to smile. Even if you’re in a rush, don’t forget to snap a photo of you smiling. It’s a free thing to do, and not only will you have great holiday memories, but you’ll also have photos of you smiling. If you’re really in a rush, you can even take a photo of yourself in a mirror. This will help you remember to smile and not forget to do it.

Shoot in black and white

Another great thing to do for your holiday photographs is to shoot them in black and white. Shooting your photos in black and white gives the photos a more classic look. It also makes the photo stand out more from the background, which is always a good thing. You can shoot in black and white on your phone, you don’t even have to bring a DSLR. If you’re going on a trip during the holidays and don’t have a DSLR with you, you don’t have to sacrifice great photos. Black and white photos are easy to edit in a photo editor, so even if you’re on a trip without a camera, you can edit the photos you take in black and white.

Get to know your surroundings

When on vacation, you’re going to be exploring new places and getting to know your surroundings better. This is a great time to take photos of your surroundings. For example, you can take photos of the flowers or the mountains in your area. It’s a good way to add some colour to your photos and makes them unique. You can also take photos of your house from a distance or from above. It adds a lot of character to the photos and lets you get to know your surroundings better. You can also take photos of the different buildings or stores you visit. This is a good way to add a little bit of colour to your photos and let you get to know your surroundings better.

Try out tech tricks

Tech tricks are a fun way to make your holiday photographs unique. You can add a pop-art touch to your photos or you can add something to the photo that makes it stand out more. For example, you can add a toy plane to your photo, or you can add a snowman to your photo. It will add a lot of character to the photo and make it unique. You can also add a sign or a tree to your photo, which can also make your photo stand out more. It’s a fun way to make your photos unique and stand out from the rest. You can also add some sparkle to your photos if you have a sparkle paintbrush. It’s a lot of fun and makes your photos unique.

Don’t forget to have fun

The very first thing you need to remember is that it’s okay to have fun. You don’t have to be serious all the time. You can have great pictures if you’re having a good time when you take them. You don’t have to hold back on your family and friends because you’re trying to get professional-looking photos. You can have great photos with a smartphone camera and you don’t need a high-end DSLR. There’s no need to feel bad about taking photos with a smartphone because it takes good holiday photos, too.

Pack the right gear

Have the right gear in your camera bag. One of the best holiday photography tips is to always have the right gear in your camera bag. You don’t need to take your DSLR everywhere because that’s bulky and heavy. You can just take a smaller camera such as a point-and-shoot or a mirrorless camera. This is great because it makes it easier to pack. You don’t want to be lugging around heavy cameras everywhere, especially when you’re trying to get good holiday photos. This is another great way to save space in your camera bag.

Don’t just point & shutter

Photographing people and pets during the holidays is challenging because they are often moving, happy, and excited. It might be a challenge to capture great photos, but it’s not impossible. The best holiday photography tips for capturing good photos involve using the right technique. Instead of just setting your camera to “shutter-only,” you should use a wider aperture like f/8. You can also use a slower shutter speed to capture more motion. If you’re having a hard time getting good holiday photos, try experimenting with your technique. You don’t have to make any drastic changes because this is a good starting point. It’s just a way to get better if you’re having a hard time capturing good photos.


Wrapping Up: The Final Smash Hit of Good Holiday Photography Tips

When it comes to getting good holiday photos, you’ll have to put in some work. However, it’s worth it because it can make for great holiday memories. 

Catching the perfect photo is one of those things that seems so hard, but it’s easy. You just need to follow a few simple tips and you’ll be good to go! Whether it’s your family, friends, or your pets, these tips will help you capture great photos on any occasion. You’ll be blown away by how good your photos will look when you follow these tips.

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