Expert Travel Guide New York City

New York City has been known by many names overtime; The Capital of The World, The City that Never Sleeps, Gotham, or whatever name every local or visitors has given to it. It is one of the most exciting place in the world, having a distinctive attribute of satisfying every traveler with its incredible art galleries and museums, some of the world’s best restaurants and hotels. Visitors to New York have been offered so many and they have lived to tell the tales.

Therefore, it is important to have an insider’s perspective in order for you to enjoy exploring the ever-vibrant, charming city that visitors have come to envy and locals have been passionate about.

Easy Travel’s expert travel guide of New York City provides you with professionally written, insider’s to do list of the best places to visit, where to go, what to eat, drink or even where to lay your beautiful head to sleep in each of the city’s neighbourhoods.

Why Visit New York?

Apart from being a vibrant city with constant influx of new attractions such as hotels, restaurants, bars, etc, New York is safe, welcoming and makes you feel as if you have been living their all your life. This is due to the way Manhattan is laid out on a simple grid system which makes it difficult for you to get lost when you take a stroll—because you will always know where you are.

Best Time to Go

New York has four distinct seasons. This makes it a year-round destination as the Central Park is as beautiful when the leaves turn golden red in October and amazing when covered in snow during winter.

Transportation in New York City

New York has an awesome transportation system, from the yellow cabs branded with NYC to other private transport companies. However, the city’s public transit system is the best. The best way to navigate the subways, bus routes or even going in and out of New Jersey is through a MetroCard ride which costs $2.75 for a single ride and $31 for a seven-day unlimited ride.


It is very cold in January in NYC with an average temperature of 36°F (2.2°C) while July is so hot with an average temperature of 83°F (28.9°C).

What to Know Before Visiting

New York is best experienced in the summer and at the beginning of a new year. This time most hotels, exhibitions, restaurants are not overcrowded.

Basic Things to Know

Language: English

Currency: US Dollar

Telephone Code: Manhattan (212), Brooklyn/Bronx (718). If you are dialing from abroad, first add 001 then followed by the code of the location you wish to reach.

Flight Time: Approximately seven hours from London to New York

Time Difference: London is 5 hours ahead of New York

It is of standard etiquette to tip 15-20 per cent in restaurants.

No matter what your purpose for visiting NYC is, Easy Travel is got you covered in all your adventures.

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