February 24, 2024

Borgo Egnazia

Borgo Egnazia Resort is a modern luxury Mediterranean resort located in Puglia, Southern Italy, which is one of the most natural and untamed regions. The Resort was created using architectural expertise and traditional craftsmanship to properly showcase the traditional Apulian style, history and natural aspects the region has to offer. The resort is perfect for all forms of holidays, honeymoons or family vacations and is also a great place for adventure lovers, sun lovers and golf lovers.

The resort has a variety of town houses, hotel rooms, suites and villas to suit different tastes and needs. It has eight separate buildings that house thirty villas spread out evenly. Each of the villas has three bedrooms, private pools, wrap around balconies and terrace gardens. For smaller numbers, the resort has one and two bedroom townhouses, that also have a sitting room, kitchenette and an outdoor courtyard. All the different forms of accommodation are located around the resort’s village square for close proximity to a family friendly pool and high quality restaurants.

The resort offers a number of fun and sporty activities with beaches, tennis courts, a golf course, crystal clear pools, well equipped spa, adventure trips, rich culture and lots of entertainment. The Vair spa won Tatler Spa Award in 2013 for their remarkable facilities and has also received several nominations. It covers two hundred square metres and is located in the ‘La Corte’ building. The resort has a very charming, unique and easy to master golf course that has a magnificent view of the Adriatic Sea. The well equipped kids’ club enables the children to have just as much fun as the adults and even more. The hotel staff also interact with the guests in sports and other activities, to give the guests a complete experience.

The resort offers a wide variety of delicacies to satisfy different individual needs. With mouth watering dishes that will keep you asking for more, because the locals love for food is made evident in every dish. The ingredients used to prepare each meal are locally grown in the Apulia region with each dish prepared to your unique taste.  Meals are accompanied with wine for the wine lovers, with the wine sourced from the nearby town known for its wine production, Locorotondo. ‘Due Camini’ restaurant is located in La Corte, within the hotel and ‘La Frasca’ and ‘Mia Cucina’, within the Borgo Enazia’s village. Children are given special diets and in high season have their own restaurant, ‘Da Puccetta’ open for them.

The Mediterranean landscape is deeply appealing, with the cave-sopped beaches, clear skies and white wash stone.  The Borgo Engazia resort was designed with intricate detail and is claimed to be one of the 20 most beautiful areas in the world. Couples, families and corporate parties get enticed with activities and scenery, mouth watering cuisine, the pools, the spa facilities, water sports, golf, tennis and even the kids club. A high number of guests return to Borgo Egnazia after their first stay because unlike some other places, your time in Borgo Egnazia is extra special. There is a very personal touch and everything comes together to give you that special holiday experience.


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