Why Prague should be Your Next Destination

Europe is unique in so many ways. In a matter of a few hours, you can cross from one country to another, and discover a whole new historical world, made of architecture, sites and most importantly people and their cultural heritage. So, what would make you choose Prague over other destinations: The Magic.

Enter into a Fairy Tale

When you will first walk through the streets of Prague, you will find yourself brought back into the world of the fairy tales your mother or father used to tell you, when you were just a little kid. You will feel that larger-than-life vibration, that you used to sense in their voices, as they told stories of princesses, witches, fantasy animals and magical kingdoms. That, in itself, is worth getting on a plane, just to spend a few days in a city that will bring to life the fantasy world that still lives inside you.

To complete that sensation, you can then make day trips from Prague, that will lead you to castles, where you will remind yourself of all the kings and queens that reigned into the world of your youth, inside your mind. As if Prague wasn’t sufficient, you can continue the dream in the fairy tale Town of Český Krumlov, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It borders the Vltava River, and its cobblestone streets from medieval time will lead you down the path of magic, one more time and in the direction of the Český Krumlov Castle and its beautiful garden.

Eat Like Kings and Queens

Food in Prague is not meant for the faint at heart. In fact, it is better to eat in colder weather for tourists that are not from Eastern Europe who are used to it, as it can be quite heavy. But it is simply divine. Think of the royal banquets in medieval time, and add the quality of products of our modern days, and you find yourself in front of delicious meals that will satisfy anyone’s hunger, no matter where you are from. Here are two Czech food you absolutely need to try.


Everyone who has ever visited an Eastern European country has most probably tried pork knuckle. But only few countries can do it perfectly, and that is the case with the Check Republic. It is a delight that you need to eat on an empty stomach, or otherwise share with someone else, because one portion can be sufficient for two people with small appetites (but really, it is better to eat it all by yourself). The knuckle is roasted in dark beer and herbs for hours, before being served on a wooden cutting board, accompanied by a serrated knife. On the side, you will find a house-made dipping sauce, that will even enhance the taste of the juicy pork, in your mouth.


The tradition in the Czech Republic is that on Sunday, after a full earthy meal, people order a Bundt cake with nuts, to complete the lunch. It is a combination of chocolate and nuts, mixed inside an amazingly textured cake, that will leave a wonderful taste in your mouth.


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