Why Are More Brits Choosing a Staycation Over a Vacation?

According to the Independent, the number of British people who chose to holiday in the UK throughout summer 2017 rose by 23.8%, compared to the year before. Many believe this to be a result of the Brexit vote, while others feel it has become a trend to travel in our home country and explore the many sights on offer. Why are more Brits staying in the UK? We’ve got some ideas:


Since the Brexit announcement in June 2016, we have seen the value of the pound depreciate quite significantly, most noticeably was the price of holidays in Europe. Some all-inclusive holidays in Spain have sky-rocketed from £300-400 to £600 per person, and many people can’t justify spending this amount of money. Which is why, understandably, many Brits are choosing to stay in the UK for their holidays. For example, a caravan holiday for 6 people on the Isle of Wight starts at £200 for 7 nights or you can camp in Devon for as little as £33 per night, where you’re right next to the beach and you have a swimming pool.


When travelling abroad, we often spend two days preparing to travel there or back, and it can be an absolute hassle; having to keep within time restraints, remembering all documents and passport, and finding an activity to fill the 2 to 3 hours spent waiting in the airport (and that’s before you’re even started travelling to another country!).

Whereas, in the UK, you can travel to your destination at your own pace and arrange stop-off points along the way, making the journey more enjoyable and less stressful.

Pet- friendly holidays

Finding accommodation abroad that allows pets to stay can be extremely difficult, on top of this, the whole process of arranging for your pet to travel abroad is time consuming, expensive and a faff. Many dog-owners choose to holiday at home for this reason, so their four-legged friend can enjoy the holiday as well. For instance; Broads boating holiday company, Norfolk Broads Direct, have an entire fleet of holiday cruisers that are dog-friendly, with a variety of adventurous nature walks for the entire family to enjoy – accommodating for everyone!


Besides all of the above, the UK has a mixture of everything, meaning you can plan the perfect holiday for anyone. Whether you prefer a city break with lots to explore, a family beach holiday, or somewhere private to relax, such as a lodge in Sherwood Forest. In Britain, we’re fortunate enough to be presented with an abundance of top tourist attractions; Stonehenge, the Roman Baths, Lake District, or the Eden Project. Travelling is on many people’s bucket list and we often forget about our home country, but the UK has a ton of history and is full character, bringing in 37.6 million oversea visitors in 2016, as recorded by visitbritain.org.

The increase in Brits choosing to vacation in the UK could be a mixture of all these factors, and more Brits are prepared to risk the UK weather to save money. This is a positive outcome for Britain, as it will help to boost the economy and encourage more British and foreign tourists to holiday in Britain.

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