Twenty-five Travel Tips from a Seasoned Traveller

Very few things are as freeing as leaving all your troubles behind at home and taking off to explore the world. The best part about travelling is not only is it leisurely and exciting, it also opens your eyes to a new world filled with new people that teach you new things.

While travelling comes with amazing benefits, all its benefits can only be enjoyed and accessed if you go about taking your trip the right way. A poorly planned trip can end as a complete horror show that will leave you craving for nothing more than the safety and normalcy of your own home. Fortunately, you never have to experience such a trip because we’ve gathered here for you, 25 of the top travel tips from around the world.

What makes these tips different from the many others you’ve come across over the years? The answer to that is simply these tips have been sourced from a real life expert and seasoned traveller who has racked up more miles than the average travelling salesman. Here are 25 travel tips to help you get your journey off to a good start and end, on a high note.

Photocopy all of your important documents

Never ever underestimate the value of this tip. If you lose your original passport, having copies of it on you can make things much easier in various circumstances. If you lose your passport at the airport just before travelling, you might be allowed to still get on your flight as long as you have a photocopy on you as well as some passport photographs.

It’s not just your passport you’ll be needing a copy of, as losing any important documents can have a serious impact on your travel experience. So whether it be the passport, PAN Card Seva, VISA, insurance… ensure it’s all photocopied.

Make sure your house is locked up tight

There’s nothing worse than going away travelling to come home and discover your house has been broken into and you’ve got the headache of dealing with a break in as a nice little return gift. Be sensible and hire a reliable local locksmith to ensure your house has the security you need to relax on your travels.

Be flexible

You can plan a trip to perfection but unforeseen circumstances can still crop up at any moment and make a total mess of all your planning. It’s for this reason you need to stay flexible and leave room in your plans for sudden changes. Also, be sure not to cram too many activities into a single day’s schedule. The beauty of travelling is it gives you an opportunity to savour each moment. If you have a crammed schedule, you won’t be able to fully enjoy each experience before you have to move to the next.

Try the local cuisine

Your scepticism concerning local cuisine is understandable especially if the food looks really unusual. But rather than avoid it entirely, give it a try and experiment. You never know, you might find your next best food being sold by a local street vendor. Although, if you have allergies, be careful concerning the sort of foods you try out. If you are unsure about a food, you can Google it or simply ask a local about it.

Avoid over planning

Planning can help you ensure you have a more or less smooth trip. But over planning on the other hand pressures you and doesn’t give you the opportunity to savour the experience. This is even worse if your plans fall apart and leave you stranded. In such a scenario, your utter faith and dependence on your plan could be your undoing.

Take lots of photos

This is a clear no brainer because how else are you going to keep copies of your favourite memories from your trips. Luckily we are in the digital age, so you can take as many photos as you want without worrying about running out of film.

Stay in touch with many friends and family

If you’ve seen the movie 127 Hours, you’ll appreciate the value of this tip. By staying in constant contact with your family and friends back home and letting them know your location, you’ll help them rest easy knowing you are safe. Also, if they don’t hear from you for a long period of time, they can safely assume something might have gone wrong and be able to take appropriate measures to ascertain your safety.

Fear not

While it’s true that the world is not as safe a place as it was 10 years ago, it’s still a pretty cool place. So rather than panic and shy away from exploring some of the most beautiful and exotic locations in the world, why not give them a try and leave your comfort zone. It’s probably going to end up being your most memorable experience yet.

Take good care of your body

Travelling can significantly strain your body especially when travelling in between different time zones. So be sure to stay healthy and fit throughout the duration of your trip. Eat well, drink lots of fluids, and perform one or two basic exercises as often as you can. Remember, the best way to explore a new destination is by walking.

Stay informed

Be sure to stay constantly updated about the region you are travelling to. What’s the political and economic climate? Are things stable? Are they experiencing a weather crisis? This can help you prepare better for your trip. Setting up Google Alerts concerning your destination is a great way to stay informed.

Be polite

No matter where it is you are headed, it pays to be polite. Politeness is a universal language that fosters good relationships. Smile and say hello and make sure your body language is not intimidating or threatening. Body language is especially important if there is a language barrier between you and the indigenes.

Learn common phrases of the local language

This ties in with the last tip. By learning simple phrases of the local dialect such as “Hello”, “I’m sorry”, “Please,” or “Thank you”, fosters communication. Usually, locals are pleased by a foreigner who is genuinely making an attempt to appreciate their culture and language. It’s also a great way to make new friends.

Carefully research your destination

With proper research, you are less likely to be thrown any unexpected surprises. Also, research can help you save money by helping you avoid local scams or overpaying for certain services.

Shop for flights in advance

You’d be surprised how much you can actually save by booking for a flight anywhere between three months to one year in advance. This is especially true if you shop for tickets during off periods rather than peak periods. Off periods is when most airlines often offer their best deals.

Fly midweek

Flights are more often than not cheaper on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Look for one seat

It’s cheaper if you book for single seats instead of booking jointly for seats for everyone in your group. The logic is searching for one seat will give you the option of the cheapest seat available.

Use social sites for savings

There are social platforms that you can use to access significant savings during certain trips. For example, by signing up with Groupon, LivingSocial, or any other site that offers deals in the region you are visiting, you can find great deals and coupons to help reduce cost of dining and even accommodations. These sites also offer reliable reviews concerning establishments in the area.

Try booking your accommodation in advance

By booking your accommodation in advance, you have a better chance of getting the sort of accommodation you actually want rather than only what’s available. This is most effective especially if your trip is scheduled for peak travel periods in the area you have in mind.

Keep an open mind

If you think the locals of the destination you are visiting are weird, be rest assured that they think that you are twice as weird. Thus, don’t judge the lifestyles of indigenous people simply because it’s different from what you are used to. Instead, keep an open mind and try to learn from them. Embrace new opportunities, possibilities, suggestions, people, and interests.

Make a list

To avoid missing out on trying out any of the stuff you’ve fantasised about concerning your destination, be sure to make a list. Asides from fun to-do things, you can also make a list of important stuff such as of your belongings and so on.

Use apps

There’s pretty much an app for everything now, so get the best out of your smartphone by using apps that can actually boost or facilitate your travel experience in one way or another.

Avoid over packing

The more luggage you have to worry about, the less convenient your trip is going to be, especially if you intend on doing a lot of walking. Also, because you can buy a number of the things you need at your destination, try packing only the things you are certain you can’t do without

Rolling saves space

To create space in your luggage for more clothing, tightly rolled up clothes actually consumes less space than folded or simply balled up clothing. If you are packing shoes, you can stuff them with some of your rolled up clothes to save more space. But of course, that’s only if you don’t own foul smelling shoes.

Split your stuff up

Try splitting clothes and items into different bags. This way, if one bag gets stolen or lost, you’ve still got the other with enough stuff to last you.

Get a second

For emergency purposes, get a back up bank account, back up ATM card, back up phone, and be sure to keep the first and second one stay separate to avoid losing both at same time.

Travel insurance

Never underestimate the lifesaving capabilities of travel insurance. Make sure you get one that offers comprehensive coverage that’ll keeps you secure throughout your entire trip. For more advice and to buy online check out State NZ.

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