Travelling after a funeral: why it might be good for you

Taking a holiday, or travelling to a new place, after the loss of a loved one, can often help with the grieving process. Below is a discussion of how travelling after a funeral might be good for you.

Resting after planning the funeral

It is, of course, crucial to plan funerals carefully and to ensure that all costs are covered before you plan to travel. Using is a great way of managing the costs of a loved one’s funeral, in a way that best suits you. Planning, arranging and attending a funeral can be an exhausting process and as such taking some holiday time afterwards can be very beneficial.

Caring for yourself

When a loved one dies, it is natural for our altruistic feelings to kick in big time: we start worrying more than usual about friends and family members. But, amidst all of that checking to see that other loved ones are ok and supporting the other bereaved next of kin as best we can, it is so important to care for ourselves as well. A relaxing break where we can take time for ourselves is a wonderful way to do this.

Getting a change of scene

The funeral planning process often involves family members and other loved ones all congregating together and spending a lot of time in each other’s company. It is, of course, good to be able to see everybody coming together (though naturally we wish that it could be happening under happier circumstances) but after the funeral is over, it is definitely understandable to want a change of

Advice for travelling after a funeral

Travelling after a funeral is rarely the same as taking an ordinary holiday. Below are a few things to bear in mind as you pack your suitcase after the funeral is over.

Don’t put pressure on yourself to do anything you don’t want to do

Do not pressure yourself to ‘have fun’ or even to leave your hotel room before the afternoon if you don’t want to. Do what you feel like doing: nothing more and nothing less.

Take things at your own pace

You cannot rush the grieving process, though a holiday will often help you with grieving. So, do things in your own time, and if you are someone who usually jam packs your holidays with wall to wall activities be prepared to be a little more relaxed this time around.

Give yourself permission to be sad sometimes

Often, feeling that we need to ‘put a brave face on things’ can slow the grieving process. It’s totally normal to cry or feel sad, even though you are on holiday, after a loved one’s funeral – so give yourself permission to do so.

Do have a good time

Take photographs, build up new memories and, above all, give yourself permission to enjoy yourself on this holiday.

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