Top 5 UK Holidays for Older Couples

There are no age limits when it comes to travelling. In fact, travelling when you are older can be filled with new and rewarding experiences. Thankfully, you don’t need to travel far to experience the joy of travelling. The UK is home to some of the most beautiful destinations that are suitable for the older generation.

So, whether you are already retired or still working, here’s a list of the top five UK holidays for older couples.


  • Torquay 


Situated on England’s southwestern coast, Torquay is a beautiful seaside resort town known for its beautiful beaches such as the Oddicombe and Torquay Beach. One of the most popular coach holidays in the UK, this is the way to arrive. Nicknamed the English Riviera, the charming Torquay Harbour is dotted with lovely seaside cafes and quaint boutiques. There are also beautiful places to explore here, such as the Torre Abbey, a monastery established in 1196 and houses art galleries and beautiful gardens featuring the plants from the novels of famous writer Agatha Christie.


  • The Isle of Wight


With fabulous coastal towns, idyllic beaches, and lush woodlands, The Isle of Wight is one of the jewels in England’s crown. There’s always something for everyone to do on the island. The sheltered towns of Sandown and Shanklin are some of the most popular places to visit on the island. Further north, you will find Cowes and Newport, which are often bustling with activities. If you simply want to unwind and lounge at the beach, head to the town of Ryde, home to long stretches of sandy beaches and lots of excellent dining and shopping places.  


  • Oxford 


Oxford is jam-packed with many incredible things to see and discover, from the impressive Blenheim Palace to the medieval Broughton Castle. But aside from its remarkable architecture, Oxford is also home to picturesque villages, most of which are sitting along its scenic waterways. Thus, the best way to explore the tranquil Oxford countryside is to hire a narrowboat in Oxford and go on a canal trip. During your journey, you’ll cruise past the canalside pubs and into the stretch of canals with trees forming a deeply wooded tunnel overhead. Moor up at a pier for a relaxing stroll into the village or dine at the popular canalside restaurants.


  • Edinburgh


When people think of Edinburgh, images of grassy hills and rowdy pubs often come to mind. But this ancient city has so much more to offer. Here, you can go on a scenic walk through the Old Town’s Royal Mile, and you’ll come across the iconic Edinburgh Castle. Check out the nearby seaside town, and you’ll find the Royal Yacht Britannia, the former royal yacht of the British monarch. And if you’re heading to Holyroodhouse Palace, you might fancy a stop at the adjacent Arthur’s Seat for some of the best views of Scotland.


  • London


London offers lots of things to do for people of all ages, even for the elderly with special requirements. The most convenient way to tour around the bustling city of London is to go on a bus tour. Travelling on an open bus is a comfortable way of seeing the city’s most iconic sights. Some of these buses offer hop-on and hop-off options, allowing you to explore any area that catches your attention. Others also include a ticket to some cruise boats that ply the River Thames, so look out for these special offers when booking your tour ticket.

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