Why We The Love Pine Cliff Resort (And You Should, Too!)

Pine Cliff resort is a luxury resort in Europe and has won awards for its uniqueness and exquisite facilities. It is located on a beautiful sandy beach along the breath taking Algarve coastline, in Southern Portugal. It has a strategically unique location which helps exude the natural beauty in the environment.  Pine Cliff resort offers guests the best of luxury and is part of the Starwood brands luxury collection and is well known for its idyllic luxury holiday blend.


The Pine Cliff hotel is situated in the center of the resort, with spacious rooms designed in a way that it has a perfect blend between modernity and proud Moorish heritage. Guests mostly opt for the residence apartments because of the proximity to the golf course and apartment specifications, from choice of gardens, number of rooms and location of apartments. The Pine Cliffs also has townhouses and villas in its Premier Club that are suitable for large groups of people or families. The different villas and townhouses have different specifications but they a ll have a designated barbecue area for evenings hang outs and complete catering facilities. The villas have private swimming pools and deluxe villas have Jacuzzi’s as well. The Pine Cliff resort also has 78 golf suites, with a kitchen, terraces and balconies, with a view overlooking the course and other amenities.


For dining choices, the Pine Cliff resort has a good number of restaurants and bars. The ‘Beach club’ is best known for its spectacular seafood cuisines. ‘O Pescador’ specializes in Algarvian style fresh seafood. The ‘Piri Piri Steak House’ is for those with really adventurous palettes. While ‘Jardim Gourmet’, give and exclusive five course dining experience. The Tapas Club Bar – Wine & Tapas will help give you that perfect end to your day, with the variety of refreshments it offers.  The Clubhouse also serves as a good place to get snacks, sandwiches, steaks, and a drink with your fellow golfers.

Praia da Falesia Beach

The sight of the Atlantic Ocean waves and the coastline from Pine Cliff resort is simply breath taking. 200ft beneath the Pine Cliffs resort is the extremely beautiful ‘Praia da Falesia’ beach that hosts a number of water sports ranging from kayaking to jet skiing. The golf facilities in the resort are state-of-the-art and in 2015 the hotel won Best Golfing Hotel in Portugal. The superior golfing experience is one of the reasons many guests choose the resort. The golf course’s lush green patch is set upon a cliff and has an amazing view of the Atlantic Ocean.


For total relaxation and stress relief, the resort has a world class fully equipped and functional spa. The spa has well-trained massage specialists that have vast knowledge of different types of massages that help get rid of back tension, aches and pains and stretch leg muscles. They also have wellness and general rejuvenating treatments and specialties are also available like Lomi-Lomi, Deep tissue, Shiatsu, Ayurveda and aromatic candle massages among others. The resort has a recently added a tennis academy to the already long list of attractive facilities, which gives guests all the more reason to visit.

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