Is Sri Lanka Allowing International Visitors?

Sri Lanka is one of the most uniquely beautiful countries in the world. For starters, it is an island nation, meaning the entire place is surrounded by a beautiful coastline. You can reach an incredible beach relatively quickly from pretty much anywhere on the island.

Those beaches—and all that Sri Lanka has to offer its visitors—were temporarily blocked off when the coronavirus raged through the world. Fortunately, transmission numbers have generally been moving in a positive direction for some time now, culminating in the government reopening its international borders to tourists.

One country that sends many visitors to Sri Lanka is the United Kingdom. Travellers hoping to see and experience what Sri Lanka has to offer will want to first ensure that they are eligible to do so. The last thing anyone wants is to plan to travel across the world only to find out you forgot to apply for a visa.

Fortunately for both Sri Lanka and holidaymakers from the United Kingdom, travel officials have made it easy to apply for and receive a visa for Sri Lanka from the UK. The process is simple to carry out and within just a few days, a successful applicant will have received their valid visa, meaning they are free to start the fun part: planning their itinerary for this exciting country.

So, you have been issued your visa for Sri Lanka and have booked your flights, read on to find out about the amazing possibilities for a trip to Sri Lanka.

What Are the Best Beaches in Sri Lanka?

Sometimes, the best way to escape is to get your friends together and go for a beach holiday. While it is true that Europe offers plenty of easy escapes for a few days at the beach, no place in Spain or Greece can offer the lush tropical atmosphere of Sri Lanka.

But where should holidaymakers who plan to hit the beach start when the entire island is beach accessible? Fortunately, there are very few ‘wrong’ answers to this question. In fact, the ‘right’ answer comes down more to where you will be staying and what type of beach you are looking for.

For example, Mirissa Beach is more popular with surfers and divers due to its relatively remote location. Located a bit further outside of the capital city of Colombo, the beach is more popular with people who are visiting Sri Lanka for a longer time. With more time, travellers can get further away from the hustle and bustle.

If you are travelling with a large family and don’t want to move much within Sri Lanka, or you simply prefer to arrive in Colombo and relax, then there are plenty of beach options closer to the big city.

Due to the possibility of more extreme weather in the tropics, the best thing to do may be to ask your hotel concierge which beaches they recommend when you arrive as locals will always have the most up to date knowledge about where to go.

What Other Activities Are Unique to Sri Lanka?

It is sometimes difficult to find that truly unique experience when you are travelling. Sometimes, people can be so obsessed with searching for the perfect view or a secret, hidden gem that they miss the beauty directly in front of them.

Fortunately, Sri Lanka is not a place where you need to search extra hard for a special activity or place. That is mainly because Sri Lanka is one of the only places on Earth where you can visit a national park and elephant reserve. Some of these places give you the opportunity to get right up close to—and even meet—the world’s most popular gentle giants.

The word safari is synonymous with parts of southern and eastern Africa. People even tend to hesitate before using the word if they are discussing a country outside of those regions. In Sri Lanka, however, safaris are a wonderful activity that gives viewers a chance to explore this rugged and scenic terrain.

Visitors might also be surprised to find out just how diverse the fauna they can see on this small island is. While there are no lions or giraffes or wildebeests, going on a Sri Lankan safari is sure to be an unforgettable delight.

What Is Sri Lankan Cuisine Like?

Given its proximity to India, Sri Lankan cuisine does bear some resemblance to that of its larger neighbour. Categorized by flavoursome curries featuring vegetables, fish or meat, visitors can expect nothing if not bold, spicy options.

Sri Lanka is a classic example of developing a national cuisine that best represents its local treasures. It is no wonder then that its curries often feature seafood and coconut, two of the most abundantly available treats across the island. Served with steaming rice, these dishes will have you reaching for more throughout your entire holiday.




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