February 24, 2024

Is 2022 the Year of the All-Inclusive Golf Holiday?

It’s fair to say that the golf holiday has been in need of a revival for some time now. That’s not to say that people don’t still love a good break from their day-to-day routine and throw on their clubs for some fresh air, but there are plenty of stats out there which tell us that it’s an industry that really needs reinvigorating.

From the high price points to the often stuffy clubhouse atmosphere, there’s something about the whole experience of going away with friends to play golf which leaves much to be desired. But what can be done about it? The all-inclusive holiday is currently booming across many different industries and we think this is why. Let’s take a look at why you need to book golf holidays across the globe in 2022 if you want to see this industry boom again.

What is an All-Inclusive Golf Holiday?

Essentially, an all-inclusive golf holiday is just that. It’s a holiday where everything is included. From your flights to your accommodation and even your golfing experience and equipment, it’s all bundled into one price. This makes it far easier for people to plan their golfing trip as they don’t need to stress about all the expenses that will come with it.

It also makes it far easier to market to consumers and bring more people into the sport. Currently, if the price of a golfing holiday is £1,000, not many people will be able to enjoy the sport. But if that same holiday is an all-inclusive one, costing around £1,000, then it’s far more likely to appeal to a larger audience.

Why the All Inclusive Golf Holiday Works

As we’ve already established, the all-inclusive golf holiday is set to thrive in 2022. It’s a simple matter of supply and demand. The demand is already there, with people craving a way to play golf that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. But by 2022, the supply should be there too. We’re expecting to see the golf industry undergo a bit of a makeover in terms of how it’s being run, and this will likely coincide with the all-inclusive golf holiday being in full swing. But why is this? Well, as we’ve already seen, the price of golf is steadily increasing.

So if the golf industry wants to bring more people into the sport, they need to make it more inclusive once again. If this doesn’t happen, it’s likely that numbers will continue to decline. And if golf wants to remain as one of the most popular pastimes in the world, this can’t happen. The all-inclusive golf holiday is a great way to make the sport more accessible to more people.

It’s a simple, stress-free way of travelling and staying

One of the biggest complaints we hear about golf breaks is that they can be stressful. With golfers travelling to a new destination every week, they have to deal with checking in and out of hotels, booking flights and finding the best rates, and scheduling in rounds of golf. All of this can be a headache, particularly if you are travelling with a large group. On an all-inclusive golf break, you will know exactly what you are getting, which means there is no need to worry about the admin, and you can fully focus on enjoying your trip.

Golfers will be given more flexibility

All-inclusive golf breaks are often times much more flexible than your average golf break. This is because you are not booking a tee time and then having a set schedule for the rest of your day. Instead, you can take advantage of the various activities that are available and create your own schedule during your stay. This will come as a relief to many golfers who will have grown tired of the rigid schedule many clubs enforce.

There will be a focus on food and dining experience

The focus of many of the golfing destinations is expected to be on food and dining experiences. Many of the golfing destinations are expected to offer both menus that are tailored to visitors and menus that include plenty of dishes that you can enjoy while you play. Some destinations are also expected to offer holiday-makers the opportunity to play a round of golf in the evening too. So you should prepare yourself for some pretty fancy menus and an overall dining experience that is second to none.

How can the all-inclusive golf holiday help?

It’s all well and good telling you why the all-inclusive golf holiday is set to become popular, but what does this mean for the people involved in the sport? Well, for starters, it’s likely to open up the sport to a far wider range of people than just the old middle-aged men that have traditionally been associated with golf. It also means that more people are likely to try golfing.

The fact that there’s less of an upfront cost to take into consideration means that people will be far less reluctant to give it a go. As we’ve already discussed, it’s likely that the focus will be much more on the dining experience and the food served on the course. So if you’re a golfer, the food and drinks you’re offered during your round will be a lot better than what you’re used to.

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