February 24, 2024

How to Travel to Europe With Ease

Seine in Paris with Eiffel tower in autumn time

There are some amazing places to go in Europe and a lot of amazing sights to see. However, it can be stressful if you’re not really sure what you’re doing. If your budget is a little less than you had hoped or your plans are derailed, here are some tips and ideas to make your trip to Europe a lot easier:

Choose Less Common Times of Year

It’s common knowledge that July and August are the busiest months to go on holiday. Getting anything for a reasonable price at this time of year is just unheard of, not to mention most places in Europe will be packed with tourists. So, if you’re looking to keep within your budget or get around without stepping on any toes, seriously consider taking your holiday during the off-season times of year. The prices of flights and accommodation normally goes way, way down during these months and the main cities around Europe tend to be a lot less packed. Travelling at this time of year also gives you an opportunity to see a side of Europe that most tourists tend not to see. For example, in December you can experience a Spanish Christmas, where you’ll find the streets filled with people and musicians until late into the night. Or you can be there for the festival of the three Magic Kings in January where you can watch parades in the bigger towns and party in the streets. In Athens you’ll find a booming nightlife that comes alive in September and ends just before summer starts, so the only time you’ll be able to experience it is if you visit off-season. The weather tends to be cooler, but not cold, and all of the beautiful scenic walks are open and (mostly) tourist free.

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Consider a Road Trip

If you’re coming from the UK and have a good amount of free time to travel, consider being a bit more open minded with your journey. Instead of getting a plane to your European destination, why not take a ferry to France and drive through? Travel will be a lot cheaper, you won’t have any baggage restrictions, and you get to see all of the beautiful parts of Europe that you would miss if you took a plane. There are some amazing, scenic driving routes to take through Europe. If you’re not averse to some driving, you could get from Calais to Rome in only a couple of days, and see the best of the French and Italian countryside. Instead of looking down on Sunflower fields and vineyards you could drive right through them and see them up close. If you keep an open mind, your trip to Europe could become the trip of a lifetime.

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Plan Less, Live More

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A little bit of adventure will do you some good. If you’re not worried about taking some risks every now and then your trip to Europe will be a lot easier and a lot more fun. So, make sure you pack all of your necessities, renew your European health insurance at https://www.ehic.co.uk/e111-renewal/, and take a walk on the wild side. Instead of planning a stay at a typical, expensive villa in Spain and ticking off your checklist of all of the tourist sites, why not go camping in Greece, or couch surf across Belgium? Do something a little more adventurous and unexpected. The less you expect of your travelling the experience, the more exciting it’ll be when a perfect opportunity comes along. So, don’t set your plans in stone. The more flexible you are, the easier your trip will be.

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