October 20, 2019

Get your Kids Splashing this Summer with Lagoon Water Sports

We live in an age where many parents are content to let their children spend all summer indoors, instead of connecting with the outdoor environment. The average child spends over seven hours a day in front of a screen. Kids who play outside are generally smarter, more attentive, happier, more confident and less anxious than those who don’t. Here in Brighton, there are hundreds of outdoor activities for children to have a memorable, fun-filled summer.

For kids, playing is a great joy, and part of the creative process as it builds imagination. Spending time in the sun provides essential Vitamin D and improves mood.  Lagoon Watersports offers children a unique opportunity to spend time in nature, and have fun with activities designed just for them.

There are lots of child-friendly activities in Brighton. Whether you’re planning an educational trip, looking to explore Brighton’s waters, enjoy a day out or get fit, children in Brighton and Hove never want for amazing activities.

Kids Activity Weeks

Many parents dread the summer holidays, when children are at home for months. Thankfully, Lagoon Watersports offers your young ones a plethora of entertaining activities that will keep them engaged all summer long. Register your children for our Kids Activity Week and we guarantee they will come home exhausted.

The programme is a one-week course for children to discover the thrills of the sea, with activities such as kneeboarding, paddleboarding, kayaking, windsurfing, sailing, treasure hunts, and team building exercises.

It’s a great way for your child to have fun, learn new skills, make friends, get out of their comfort zone by trying new activities, experience new adventures, and feel completely tired at the end of the day. Lagoon Watersports ensures the safety of your children through the provision of DBS-checked instructors, the safe environment of Hove Lagoon, free lunch, and clean equipment such as wetsuits.

The program begins on 28th May until 27th August from 9.00 am to 2:30 pm. There are also extended programs that run until 5:30 pm in July and August. You can buy a gift voucher for your nephew, niece, or loved one, and it will be sent directly to the address of the recipient.

Kids Sailing Age 6+

It is important for children to learn about the environment from a young age. The United Kingdom is surrounded by water, and children should be able to enjoy the beautiful coastline and boating facilities available through Lagoon Water Sports. Watersports are easier to learn than most team sports, such as football and basketball. Kids are guided by friendly, patient instructors, who will make them feel safe and confident.

Introductory classes for kids aged 6-8: Learning to sail at a young age is a lot of fun with the right teacher. We run a sailing course for children aged 6-8 years old. The program will help the child learn basic sailing skills and build confidence in the water.

RYA classes for kids aged 8-12 (stage 1): Kids who are aged 8-12 can learn sailing with RYA Learn to Sail courses. Those who have completed the introduction (taster) course can also join this class. Stage 1 introduces children to basic knowledge about boat sailing.

Coastal sailing for children aged 12 and above (stage 1&2): An exciting opportunity for children to learn sailing on the sea using keelboats, for children aged 12+. During the course, preteens learn about gybing, rigging, tacking, and sailing across up and downwind.

Advanced programs for youth:  Stage 4 sailing runs from the Brighton Marina, and improves the adolescent’s sailing skills, so they can helm a single or double handed boat. When they’ve mastered all the skills, they are ready to try their hands at the RYA Youth Racing Course. A wonderful challenge for young sailors with a competitive edge. The course teaches you everything you need to know about racing, from the start line, boat speed, strategy, boat handling, and tactics.

Kids Wakeboarding

If you’re looking for an outdoor activity that matches the adrenaline rush children feel when they’re playing video games, wakeboarding is a good place to start. Many children are reluctant to leave the comfort of their bedroom, however, once they get out on the water, they forget their earlier anxieties and have a fun day.

Wakeboarding is a big deal in Brighton, a city that has its own wake park. Book a course or a private session for your young ones, who don’t know how to wakeboard. From the age of 10, your child can take their first lesson and become an expert in no time. Many people say it feels like skateboarding on water, and it’s an easy skill to learn. Head over to the Hove Lagoon to get started.

For children aged 8-9, you can hire a private instructor from Lagoon Watersports to teach them separately. The Kids BWSW Bronze Award program, run by licensed instructors, is the safest way to get your children riding the cable wakeboard system in no time.

Once they are proficient, kids can move onto the silver program to improve basic skills, attempt small jumps, and try surface tricks. The Gold Course takes them to a higher level. Here, the goal is to learn new tricks and take on obstacles. Lagoon Watersports offers three wakeboards capable of handling all levels of wakeboard skillset, and manages courses according to skill level.

Kids Windsurfing

Introducing your kids to windsurfing at an early age is the best way to ensure rapid progress. It makes children strong, fit, and awakens a rush they won’t feel when playing Xbox or video games. From a young age, windsurfing strengthens their core, and provides a complete workout for their legs, muscles, and heart. Active kids stay healthy, and burn up to 250 calories per hour.

Lagoon Sports offers courses specifically designed for children and youths. The Stage 1 RYA course is the first step in learning to surf.  The lightweight sails we provide, combined with the calm waters of Hove Lagoon, ensure kids aged 8 and above will enjoy windsurfing. The stage 2 RYA course improves on practical skills from Stage 1.  They will learn tacking and gybing, which allows them to move away from, or progress towards, the wind.

Parents who want an accelerated, personalised course could register for private tuition. It helps them master surfing skills at a faster rate, and is ideal for those children who don’t fit well into larger classes. Once they’re ready, they can join a surfing club for regular surf sessions with other children.

Kids Watersports Parties

If you want to skip the hassle of providing entertainment at home, alongside the traditional kids’ party agenda, watersports parties are a unique way to get the kids together and have a good time on Brighton marina. Your child’s birthday parties will never be the same once they have experienced an activity birthday party.

We can create a customised itinerary, that includes a range of watersports activities. Hove waters are shallow, and ideal for kids to have a magical time performing activities such as kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, rope courses, and canoe adventures. These activities are ideal for those who have no previous experience with watersports.

If the children have experience with watersports, then dinghy sailing and windsurfing are the perfect options. The recommended age for these kids’ parties is 8 years and above. You’ll have a dedicated instructor who ensures the kids remain safe while splashing around on Brighton’s waters.

After the party, you can organise a sit out for the children to enjoy a bite to eat. Alternatively, there are restaurants and cafes on the seafront where you can have great tasting meals. When you’re done, explore beachside attractions such as the iconic Brighton Pier, where you’ll find arcade games. There are giant turtles, seahorses and sharks at Sea Life Brighton, and you can visit the world’s tallest moving observation tower, British Airways i36o, all on Brighton seafront.

Family & Taster Days

You’ll have more fun on a family day out with kids who can partake in fun activities. Begin the fun with stand up paddleboarding at Hove Lagoon. An instructor shows you how to get on the board and, as you paddle, you’ll feel more confident to try other activities such as lake, coastal and river touring, SUP surfing, and racing. Lagoon Watersports provides everything you need, so just turn up on the day to have fun.

Got kids who are experts on water? Why don’t you try a wakeboard race? If you can’t wakeboard, taking a course as a family and experiencing the thrills together is guaranteed to be great. We also offer a windsurfing taster session for you to attempt windsurfing with your loved ones. The session last three hours, during which you get a crash course in windsurfing, learn to use the equipment, and try out basic techniques.

Watersports is a fun way to connect with your children. During weekends or holidays, when other children are playing games on their phones or watching tv, yours are at the beach hanging out with friends, enjoying the fresh air, connecting with nature, and developing the life skills that will help them in future. You don’t have to worry about safety, because children’s courses are offered on Hove Lagoon’s protected waters.

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