Forte Village Resort

Forte village is a perfection of beauty; it is an all-purpose holiday resort that covers 55 acres of subtropical gardens and pine forest, in the southern part of the Sardinia Island, Italy. The Resort which is acclaimed as the ‘World’s Leading Resort’, five years running, has a magnificent stretch of clean, white sandy beaches that are lined with crystal clear water. The exploration options are endless, the ancient remains, caves, wild-life and breath-taking beaches, will leave you more than satisfied.

There are varied accommodation options in Forte village, from two or three bedroom villas that have their own swimming pool and in-house butler, family oriented bungalows in Il Borgo to exclusive luxury hotels; ‘Hotel Bouganville’, ‘Hotel Castello’, ‘Le Dune’, ‘Le Palme’, ‘Pineta’ and the award winning ‘Villa del Parco’. Each type of accommodation offers state of the art amenities and services to keep you coming back for the Forte village experience.

For a variety of dining options Forte village offers the choice to dine in a small homey restaurant or in one of the fourteen standard restaurants. The hotels have their own restaurants but guests can choose to dine out in one of the other restaurants to spice things up for those with an adventurous palate. Each meal offers a high level of culinary expertise and served with beverages, water or wine inclusive, depending on your choice of restaurant and personal preference. The restaurants boast multi-talented chefs that dish out appetising menus and equally tasty dishes: Chefs like Rocco Lannone, a traditional Italian master chef, Hell’s Kitchen’s Gordon Ramsay and Alfon Schuhbeck from Spice for Life – they are sure to master excellent dishes that make you want to come back for more!

The resort offers guests an array of sporting and fun activities, such as jogging, aerobics, mini soccer, tennis, water-pole, soccer, volleyball, swimming, table tennis, volley ball and basketball, among others. The spa and wellness center is fully equipped with updated amenities and is fully functional. The beach also has a lot of exciting activities; jet skiing in the afternoon, a day on a private yacht and other exhilarating water activity.

Full provision is made for kids of all ages at the resort, with well-organised clubs for children and teens; Infant day care however, comes with an additional per-hourly cost. The children’s ‘wonderland’ in Il Borgo is well equipped to entertain with fun activities like go-carting, bowling, discos and water-parks with many slides. Children from ages three to twelve can join the resort’s ‘Mini club’ under the staffs’ expert supervision and they are guaranteed to have a lot of fun, playing in our amenities and with one another. There is also a children’s sport academy that offers rugby, cricket, netball and football, with mentorship from Chelsea football club stars. Qualified instructors are always available to guests who want to participate in the sport academies to make sure they get the best out of the experience.

A trip to Forte Village is an unforgettable experience and one that will most likely be repeated. The clarity of the water, the beauty of the beaches, the exciting wildlife adventures, the variety of water sports and the enjoyable and relaxing weather, will make your stay at Forte village unforgettable.

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