Camping Birthday Ideas For Kids (And Adults Alike) Who Love Nature

Camping can be a great way to connect with your family and give them a sense of adventure. As long as your kids like being away from the city, they’ll enjoy a camping trip. It gives them a chance to hike, explore, and make friends with other kids their age. 

If you’re looking for great birthday ideas for a camper in your life, check out these camping birthday ideas for kids. These ideas will appeal to both kids who love nature and their adults alike. In this article you’ll find activities for kids of all ages, from toddlers to teens.

Camping helps you connect with your family at a deeper level. It gives you a chance to spend time together and create new memories. But, how do you get your kid to camp? Here are some great birthday ideas for kids who love nature.


Camping Birthday Parties

Camping birthday parties are a great way to get the whole family outdoors. Kids will love the hands-on activities, while the parents can relax and get some welcome R&R.

You can host a camp-themed party indoors with mini-games, crafts, and activities based on the theme. Guests can dress up in camper costumes, bring camping meals from home, and bring their camping gear to use if desired.

Outside is where the fun happens! Kids will love getting messy with activities such as a camp-out, a scavenger hunt, a nature walk, a hay ride, or games. You can also host a campfire celebration with marshmallow roasting and s’mores-making.


Go camping

Camping is one of the best birthday ideas for kids who love nature because it’s hands-on, requires no preparation, and lets you connect with your family on a new level. Take your kids on nature walks, teach them how to identify plants, and let them explore the outdoors. When they get hungry, pack a picnic and take a walk through a nearby park.

Camping is also a great opportunity to create new memories. When you’re out in the woods, it’s easy to disconnect from your digital lives. Your kids will learn a great deal about themselves, the world around them, and their families while camping.

Set up a tent

Tents aren’t just for kids’ birthday parties! You can also go camping with your child, and set up a tent together. You can find a great deal on tents online.

Tents are fun and portable. They’re great for camping, but you can use them for other outdoor activities like family picnics or backyard barbecues. If your child loves tents, set up a tent out in the backyard for your birthday. Let your child help you set up the tent and then let them spend the night inside it.

You can also do a family camping trip every year, and set up a tent in your backyard. That way, you don’t need to buy or rent a campsite every year, and you can have a family tradition.

Build a campfire

If your child loves the smell of wood smoke, build a campfire. You could also make smores, or something else a little more grown-up. On your birthday, teach your child how to cook a meal over a campfire. Set up a tent made of twigs and branches and have your child sleep under the stars.

Have a hike

Try to find a nearby hiking trail. Summer hikes are the perfect way to bond with your kids and beat the heat. You can also try winter hikes, which are less likely to be too cold. Hiking keeps kids busy, and active, and teaches them how to be safe.

It’s always fun to celebrate a birthday with hikes. You can choose a trail that is close to home, like a nearby park, or you can choose a longer trail. You can even make it a group hike by inviting your friends and family along! You can choose a short hike that your child can do with you, or you can choose a longer hike that will challenge your child but not exhaust them.

Go on a bushcraft activity

Bushcrafting activities are perfect for kids who love nature. They are hands-on activities that require little preparation and let kids explore the outdoors. You can try making s’mores on a stick or making a snowman.

Find a bug light

Find a nearby bug light. It can be a hiking trail or a local park. Let your child explore the light by walking through it and letting them try to catch a glimpse of bugs. This is a great birthday idea for kids who love nature.

Make outdoors mud pies

Make outdoor mud pies for your child’s birthday. You can make them in a variety of shapes like animals, flowers, etc. You can make sure that you let your child make a wish before they throw their mud pie at the wall. Make sure that you clean up after them so that you don’t leave a mess behind.

Go kayaking

If your child loves water, kayaking is perfect. Kayaking is a great way to keep kids busy and active. It’s also a great way to let kids make new friends while getting to know themselves better.

Go on a scavenger hunt

To help your kids make the connection between camping and being a nature-lover, why not try a scavenger hunt? You can find many different ways to do a scavenger hunt, depending on your family’s style and what your child is interested in. 

Or, you can do a more structured activity. You can have your child look for various nature-related items, or you can have them look for other things. Just be sure to tie what they find in with the camping theme.

Learn something new

Kids who love nature will enjoy learning about the environment. You can weave nature into many different lessons, or you can create a new lesson all about camping. For example, you can talk about how many animals you see while hiking, what trees you can use for food and shelter, or you can talk about the different plants and trees that grow in the mountains and the desert.

Make a friendship necklace

Have your kids make a friendship necklace while they wait for their friends to arrive. Try to find a friend with a similar age range to your child and make a heart necklace with two strands of friendship. If you don’t have two friends in the same age range, try to find a friend with a similar interest to your child, like nature or animals. This will let them make a new friend, and it will tie into the camping theme.

Make marshmallow hot dogs

If you and your child love marshmallow hot dogs, you’ll love this recipe. You can make these before you go camping, and your child can have a special treat while waiting for their friends. This is a great activity for kids who love nature because it’s something unique that you can do the outdoors.

Go for a canoe ride

Canoeing is a great birthday activity for kids of all ages. A canoeing birthday party can be a great way for your camper to spend time with their friends. You can also rent a canoe for a day or two so that your camper can use it whenever they want.

You should never underestimate the value of a canoe trip. It’s a great way to get your kids outdoors and away from electronics and screens. The trip also gives you a chance to connect with your kids in a new and deeper way.

Explore a cave or maze

A cave or maze walk is a great birthday activity for children. It’s also a great option for kids who aren’t old enough to hike to a real maze. You can also do this outdoors, but it’s even more awesome if you do it under the stars.

Cave or maze walks are a great way to get outside and connect with your kids. You can do it as a family, on a date, or with friends. It also allows you to bond with your children, whatever their age.

Stay at a camping resort

If your child loves camping, they’ll love staying at a camping resort. You can stay at a KOA, Ramapo, or other camping resort. You can stay in a tent, RV, or camper. You can choose from a variety of sites, including full hook-ups.

Your child will love staying at a camping resort. They’ll get to enjoy all the perks of camping, such as exploring the outdoors, canoeing or kayaking, fishing, swimming, hiking, and plenty more.

Have a rousing game of spearfishing

Spearfishing is a great outdoor activity for kids and adults alike. Spearfishing is when you use a spear gun to catch fish from a river or stream. It’s a very old fishing method that’s easy and safe to do. You can have a rousing game of spearfishing to celebrate your child’s birthday. Y


Final Thoughts

Of course, none of these great camping birthday ideas for kids would be as fun if you weren’t there with them! So, don’t forget to bring a tent and some camping supplies along on your trip so you can enjoy some family time together.

If you have a little one who loves nature, you don’t need to go far to find the perfect birthday ideas. These 10 great camping birthday ideas for kids will be sure to get your little one excited about nature. And, they’ll love making new friends while they’re at it. If you’re looking for more birthday ideas for kids who love nature, any of these ideas will be perfect.


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