Camper Van Adventures in Wales

Camper Van Adventures in Wales – Part One

There are numerous places of natural beauty in the three breathtaking national parks in Wales. The famous Brecon Beacons, Pembrokeshire and Snowdonia National Parks are packed with places to camp in the warmer months, while more and more jaunty VW camper van enthusiasts are embarking on year ‘round trips to the UK’s most arresting locations – even in the mild spring time and late autumn. The possibilities are endless, and the smart face lift of the eye-catching new T6 VW camper van manages to drive smoothly like a car, retaining all the charm of the VW camper van legacy. The T6 is a versatile vehicle – hugely appealing for those looking for a weekday vehicle that can double up as a fully habitable, robust and comfortable camper van on the weekends or holidays across the UK and Europe.


The VW T6 is Perfectly Built for Trips around Wales’ Mountains, Forests and Glacial Lakes

The New VW T6 has a number of features that suit the terrain of Snowdonia, the Brecon Beacons and even the famous cliffs of Pembrokeshire.

The VW T6 model – launched in just 2015 – sees the addition of updated stereo sound systems, Bluetooth and even fantastic GPS Trip computers to help with route planning, to ensure your road trips and adventures of Wales can provide as much comfort and warmth as you need for year-round fun:

The New T6 features the following, amongst 6000 other visual modifications and emissions improvements:

  • Brake Assist Systems
  • Bluetooth Technology
  • Blue Motion Technology
  • Driver And Passenger Airbags
  • Post Collision Breaking Systems
  • Wall And Underfloor Insulation
  • GPS Trip Computers


While British weather is famously a talking point across our ‘green and pleasant’ lands, the scenic, dramatic mountain and lake regions in tourist-friendly Cymru ensure a consistently high chance of rain and mist, no matter the time of year. While no self-respecting ‘Brit’ shies away from a spot of drizzle, conditions in spring and autumn are generally mild, and the truly stunning attractions around Wales can be accessed much of the year with many chances to catch the sunshine. The awe-inspiring beauty of the two majestic mountain ranges are just a few hours’ comfortable drive away from some of the UK’s most picture-perfect unspoiled white sand beaches in Cardigan Bay. The T6 is cosy enough to take a trip to Wales’ any time of year if the chaos of normal life regularly calls you and your camping crew away for another unforgettable adventure.

While the T5 and other retro models are fantastic alternatives to take the trip to Welsh towns and villages, the T6, launched in 2015, is ultimately an updated, slick version of the T5 – which saw ten years of successful production from 2005-2015. The T6 camper van model has reportedly made over 6000 new technological, aesthetic and mechanical modifications and tweaks to improve the performance, power and economical running costs. Making the stunning drives to the north west coast of Snowdonia or south eastern peninsula of Pembrokeshire will certainly clock up some mileage from most parts of the UK, but the T6 is economically and environmentally conscious – surpassing the last T5 model average of 34-38 miles per gallon with 25{032b6a7a020d19952ed8064fd0f08b3897ed8b87cecd4d0f46a78a44654cafa4} more efficiency, aligning with changing emissions laws across European cities over the next decade. The T6 VW camper van is well-suited to the UK climate, with exceptional auxiliary diesel heating that can be controlled via the camping bed in the back, and can even be set via a timer to defrost windows on chillier mornings.


VW-T and their sister company Brazilian Kampers have many years of experience, and they know that the fundamental appeal of camper van purchase is to experience driving and camping adventures that have a high level of freedom and spontaneity. The ability to take off for a few days is a fun way to experience the best of the UK’s most beautiful areas. With many hidden gems, the three national parks in Wales can offer majestic mountains, glacial lakes and rivers, pristine white beaches, dramatic cliff tops, dense forests and natural waterfalls. The VW campervanning community can become a lifestyle that many quickly fall in love with; and whether you’re a surfer, a climber or cyclist, or just simply enjoy a brew made in the most remote and beautiful places, Wales has it all for the taking.

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