February 24, 2024

3 City Escapes to Try This Summer

Booking a holiday is an exciting experience but at times, selecting the perfect destination can be a tough choice. If you’re looking for a city break that has some sun, good food and beautiful views to experience, here’s a look at some of the best city escapes for the summer.


One of the most exciting cities to visit in the world, Barcelona has something for everyone. located on the coast, Barcelona has beautiful beaches to relax on if you are looking for the perfect combination of city break and a relaxing beach holiday. The sunny city is also home to famous landmarks such as La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell which is known for its Gaudi sculptural architecture and finally La Ramblas, one of the busiest streets in Barcelona known for its buskers, entertainment and markets. The city is affordable to travel to as well as having reasonable prices for accommodation. Naturally, these prices can change depending on the time you visit and the location you stay in. If you do opt to stay further out for affordability, the metro system in Barcelona is very easy to use and works out much cheaper then taxi fare over a long weekend.


A city known for its history and with dozens of landmarks to visit, the sun being here is just an added bonus. Rome can be a pricey place to stay in with tourist paying for quality food and entry into the attractions. Flights are however reasonably priced, so this saving may even out the total costs to the city break. Being able to visit the Coliseum in the summer, as well as seeing the Trevi Fountain is a perfect way to spend a hot day in Rome. The majority of landmarks are all within walkable distances and depending on where you stay, a lot of hotels have outdoor pools for the days you want to spend relaxing.


In south Croatia, Dubrovnik is an exotic city that has been trending over the past few years. Because of the popular TV show ‘Game of Thrones’ which is filmed in this city, Dubrovnik has become an exotic city to explore. As beautiful as the city is, if you ever find yourself finished with roaming around it, it’s local to amazing national parks and lakes for a completely different perspective of the country. Croatia is further out than the previous cities mentioned, and travelling to the national parks can take a couple of hours, so it worth investing in a travel pillow to keep you comfortable during the long journey’s.

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