19 Quick and Easy Last-Minute Travel Tips You Can Use Now!

Planning your next big trip? Or just looking for some last-minute tips on how to get away this summer? Either way, if you’re anything like me, then you probably haven’t started packing your bags yet. Panic! And fortunately, the answer is simple: last-minute travel tips!  

Instead of stressing out about packing and planning your getaway, why not use these simple, yet effective, travel tips to make things easier on yourself? They might seem like small things, but they’re the little things that make a big difference. 

And luckily, not all good last-minute travel tips are hidden in obscure corners of the internet. Instead, I’m here with a list of my favourite last-minute travel tips that you can use right now!


#1 Plan your trip around festivals, events, and tours

If you’re travelling this summer, then why not plan your trip around festivals, events, and tours? These are all fun ways to experience a new culture or learn more about a certain place while on vacation.  Festivals are a great way to experience music, food, and culture at an authentic level. You’ll also meet new people while experiencing something new together, and you’ll also be able to make memories that you’ll never forget.

#2 Visit a travel destination network

If you’re looking for last-minute travel tips on how to visit a new travel destination, then check out several travel destination forums and networks.  After all, who better learn how to travel to a new place than other travellers? 

While you might be worried that your friends and family might not know how to travel to a new place, the truth is that you’re more likely to learn from people who are also trying to travel. And who knows, you might even meet some new travel buddies in the process. 

#3 Read the reviews

When travelling, you’re going to want to experience new things, meet people, and leave your mark on the world. While you’re at it, why not read some of the reviews and also look into booking your trip through travel sites such as Expedia or Airbnb?  What I love about reading the reviews and using the booking sites is that you can compare prices, read reviews from other travellers, and also book your accommodations before heading out there.  You’ll be able to do all of this ahead of time, potentially saving yourself a lot of time and effort. And in turn, you’ll also be able to relax a bit more knowing that you’ve got everything taken care of.

#4 Diversify your travelling options

For a summer getaway, why not try exploring a new city or state with a road trip? This is hands down one of the best last-minute travel tips you can use and it can also be one of the more inexpensive ways to explore a new place.  With the help of sites like Craigslist or a site such as Priceline, you can easily find someone to share the cost of gas with you. And in turn, you’ll be able to drive across the country (or even internationally) and explore a new place together.

#5 Get travel insurance

Travel insurance is one of the most important things you can do before your trip. Even if you’re healthy, you don’t want to get sick or injured while on vacation. Travel insurance can cover you if you are injured while travelling or if you are unable to travel because of a death in your family. It can also cover you if your flight is delayed or cancelled. And most importantly, it can help you to recover financially if you are unable to return home from your trip because of a serious illness or accident.  

Select a policy that fits your travel style and your individual needs. For example, if you’re travelling abroad, you might need coverage for medical expenses, emergency transport home, and trip cancellation. If you’re travelling to a developing country, you might want coverage for physical injury or concussions.

#6 Take advantage of free travel opportunities

One of the best last-minute travel tips you can use is to take advantage of free travel opportunities. I’m talking about things like using hotel points and redeeming airline miles.  Sure, you could go out and buy lots of expensive gift cards for travel, but why not simply use what you already have? This can be especially helpful during the summer months when vacation travel is at its peak.

#7 Check the weather before you book your ticket

Travelling during the summer? Then a summer vacation might sound like the perfect way to relax after a long winter! While the weather might sound amazing on paper, you might want to think twice before booking that flight right away.  

When booking your ticket, make sure to check the weather before booking a flight that travels to a location with a higher chance of rain. This will help you avoid booking a flight that you’ll have to cancel because of bad weather.

#8 Make a detailed itinerary

When it comes to planning a trip, I’m always a huge fan of having a detailed itinerary. It might seem silly at first, but trust me, it’s one of the best last-minute travel tips you can use! 

People travel all the time, but anyone rarely has a detailed itinerary for their trip. If everyone did, there would probably be fewer cases of people getting lost or stuck. 

The itinerary should be as detailed as possible and include information about everything from the route to be taken to the total length of each stop. That way, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. I like to make an itinerary to include everything from my route to my planned stops to my expected time of arrival.

#9 Book a hostel before you leave

If you’re planning on staying in a hostel, then why not book your reservation before you leave? Though it seems like common sense, this is one of the best last-minute travel tips you can use. 

Why? Because the hostel website can usually offer a lot of discounts and special offers that you won’t find on other websites. You can also find a lot of information about the hostel in the booking form. That way, there’s no need to Google search for information about the hostel. You can easily find everything you need on the website. 

#10 Carry a lightweight travel backpack

Another way to make going on a trip easier is to carry a lightweight travel backpack. This is especially true if you’re still in the planning stages of your trip. 

The best part about carrying a travel backpack is that you don’t have to worry about finding space for it in the aeroplane. I’ve been flying a lot for the last few months, and I can tell you that carrying a backpack has made going through security a lot easier. Getting through security won’t be a problem, as long as you have a lightweight travel backpack with you.

#11 Don’t forget to pack some reading material

I don’t care what your beliefs are – everyone needs to read something! Though this might seem like a trivial last-minute travel tip, trust me when I say that you’ll thank me for it when you’re on the road. 

No matter how much you travel, you’ll always come across situations where reading is crucial. Whether it’s in a waiting room or while you’re stuck in traffic, having something to read is one of the best last-minute travel tips you can use.

#12 Don’t overpack

One of the best last-minute travel tips out there is to avoid overpacking. In other words, don’t bring too many things with you.  Overpacking can lead to a lot of problems, such as making it more difficult to move around, making it more difficult to relax, and it can also lead to fatigue and muscle soreness.

#13 Always stay hydrated

Bring your favourite water bottle with you. There’s nothing worse than buying a drink while travelling because you forgot you had an empty bottle. Instead, bring your bottle and you’ll save a lot of money!  Additionally, it’s important to stay hydrated while you travel. 

For example, if you’re going to be out in the sun a lot, then you need to drink water. If you’re going to be at a restaurant for a long time, then you also need to keep hydrated. And if you’re going to be doing any sort of physical activity, then you need to drink water as well.  It’s also important to keep in mind that the climate in different places can have a big impact on how hydrated you need to be. For example, if you’re visiting a warm or tropical place, then you need to drink even more water.

#14 Bring a power bank or portable charger

Let’s face it: you’re probably going to be travelling with a lot of electronics. For example, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll have a laptop or two, a phone, and a tablet. While you can travel with these devices without charging them, it will be much easier and less stressful if you bring a small charger and a power bank that you can use during your trip.  

Electronics can drain your battery and make it harder for you to stay connected with your friends and family back home. They can also make it harder to travel because you might accidentally leave them at a hotel. So make sure to bring a small charger that you can use for your electronics while you’re travelling.

#15 Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Travelling solo is a great thing to do. It gives you the freedom to see the world and meet new people. However, it can be incredibly stressful and isolating if you don’t know what you’re doing! So don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. 

There are many resources out there, such as travel forums and Facebook groups, that can help you plan your trip. Don’t be scared to reach out to other people who are also planning their trips and ask for advice!  You can also use websites, such as TripAdvisor, to get suggestions and reviews on places to visit and what to do while you’re on vacation.

#16 Swap the traditional guidebook for Google Maps

One of the best last-minute travel tips is to swap the guidebook for Google Maps. I know, it might sound crazy. But trust me, it works. Why swap the guidebook for Google Maps? Well, the main reason why is because you can get a lot of information on Google Maps that you just can’t get anywhere else. Just like with any other guidebook, you’ll want to use the information from Google Maps to help you plan your route. 

What are you looking for, exactly?

  • The best or scenic route
  • Recommended points of interest
  • The best times for visiting
  • Traffic conditions
  • Suggested stop locations

#17 Lock your valuables in a hotel safe

Don’t forget to lock your valuables in a hotel safe while you’re away from home! If anything were to happen to your belongings while you’re away, then you want to make sure that they are secure.  Some hotels also provide safe boxes in the rooms, so make sure to use those as well! Whether you use a hotel safe or a hotel safe box, make sure your valuables are locked up and away from prying eyes. If anything were to happen to your belongings while you’re away, then you want to make sure that they are secure.

#18 Stay within your budget

There’s no need to bring out the credit card just yet. Instead, try to stick to booking flights, bus tickets, and accommodation on their original dates. Of course, this is easier said than done. After all, you might want to book something else as well. 

#19 Carry some cash with you

If you’re planning on travelling during the next few weeks or months, then you might want to consider carrying some cash with you. After all, while many places offer the option to pay with your credit card, cash is still king when it comes to day-to-day items.  

On the other hand, if you’re just planning on travelling for a short time and you don’t want to carry around a bunch of cash, then you might want to consider using a travel wallet. 


Don’t forget about the little things

Now that you know how to get last-minute travel tips, you should be well on your way to relaxing summer vacation. Don’t wait until the last minute to book your flights; instead, book them as soon as you can! If you want to get the best deals, then you need to book your tickets as soon as possible.

And don’t forget about the little things while you’re travelling. They can be the difference between a smooth trip and a trip that is full of stress and frustration. 


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