Why choose the Savoie Region (France) for Family Luxury Ski Holidays

Those who like skiing will tell you: The season doesn’t last nearly long enough. Therefore, if you were planning a ski trip this year, it is time to act now, if you don’t want to have to wait another eight months. In this article we will present you with a French region where luxury and family are two words that go well together: Savoie.

Savoie is Home to the Mont Blanc

If you ask ski fanatics around the world where they would like to go next, they will most certainly tell you: Mont Blanc. They probably won’t mention the Savoie, because it is highly possible that they don’t know the name of the region where this mountain sits, but this is where luxury skiing takes place, in Europe. If you wonder where famous people enjoy going down the hills, don’t look any further. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t bring the family along. In fact, there is a resort in Savoie that mixes both luxury and family, in perfect balance, which is called Les Arcs 1950. It is a new resort, as its opening took place only 15 years back. It offers all the activities that a family would like to enjoy together, in a 5-star setting. At the same time, if parents want to spend time going downhill on their own at Les Arcs skiing map, the children can spend their time doing the same thing on toboggans, or with a monitor who will teach them how to ski.

Chambery: The Capital of the Region has a Lot to offer

If you have never seen Chambery, you will be delighted by the discovery of this unique location. You need to spend at least one full day in this charming city, if you want to really appreciate everything that it has to offer. You should also eat in one of its restaurants, in order to taste some of the divine food that are specialties of the city. However, this food can be heavy, so it is better that you have it after a long day of skiing, or when you don’t plan on visiting the hills, later on.

A great way to digest all this food is to drive 40 minutes away to Annecy where you can take a walk by the lake, which is simply spectacular. If its surface is not frozen, it is so pure that you can see right through its clear water, all the way to the bottom. Finally, if you wonder what the weather will be like when you get to your ski resort, you can take a look through the live camera at Les Arcs weather warnings. This way, you will know what to pack before you leave for the airport.

Once you arrive there, you can go directly to its Deep Nature Spa, where children are welcomed, starting at the age of four. There you can enjoy a sauna, a jacuzzi, a hammam and much more, to start your holiday in full relaxing mode. Of course, you will want to go back to the spa after your long days skiing down the hill, as well.

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