5 Ways to Experience Incredible Family Travel

Planning a family vacation can be a lot of work. Deciding between destinations and choosing site-seeing or adventure can be a lot of headache. Here are 5 ways for you to experience an incredible family vacation.

Dog Sledging

Gliding through the gorgeous snow-covered Norwegian landscape on a dog sledge is an unforgettable experience and an ideal way to get connected to nature. Our four-legged pals all across the country are eager to provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime encounter.

Joining a dog sledging tour is a fantastic way to experience the profound attachment that exists between man and dog. You will frequently have the opportunity to feed and care for the Huskies directly, which will thrill dog lovers everywhere.

If you’ve missed the Fjords in June, during the winter months in Northern Norway, you can even go dog sledging under the northern lights. You will hear only the dogs’ heavy breathing and the sound of the sledge moving across the snow to break up the Arctic silence. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

A Gulet Charter

A Yacht Charter is perfect for families or small groups that want to explore the Adriatic on their own time and at their own speed.  You can explore the stunning Dalmatian coast and charter your own luxury Croatia gulet or sailing yacht. The gulet charter is ideal for larger families or individuals wanting to explore the coastline at a leisurely pace while maintaining maximum comfort and privacy.

Mountain Hiking

The Ben Nevis Walk is one of Scotland’s most famous hikes, and you’d be insane to miss it! Ben Nevis, the UK’s highest peak, attracts hikers from all over the world. All the way to the Isle of Skye, the climb offers spectacular views of the surrounding mist-shrouded peaks and shimmering valleys.

The Mountain Track is the most popular hiking route on Ben Nevis, and it is appropriate for hikers of all ages. The trailhead is easy to access from Fort William (the nearest town), with several parking options and adequate public transportation. The hike does not need any ability, although it is a long one with significant altitude gain.

Chill in a Large Family Rental

Mallorca is an excellent choice for a fun-filled family vacation. There are beautiful beaches, unique landscapes, exquisite cuisine and a wide range of recreational activities for people of all ages. The island also features a diverse selection of residences.

However, luxury holiday villas for families have gained popularity in recent years, particularly among families with children. They provide all of the necessary amenities to make everyone feel at home. Additionally, they allow you to save a lot of money on eating out.

Family Volunteering Vacations

One family vacation trend is voluntourism. The elephant conservation volunteer programme is designed to examine human-elephant issues and give you the opportunity to work directly with elephants and assist in their care. The activity takes place in the “Elephant Village,” a village near Jaipur.

This volunteer with elephant’s initiative is one-of-a-kind and original concept. The aim is to improve elephants’ living conditions while also providing economic stability for their owners through responsible volunteer tourism. You will have an amazing opportunity to learn about India’s rich culture.


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